‘Tis the season to be . . .

SANTA! Here I am, all dressed up and ready for Christmas in my tastefully designed seasonal snuglage ensemble.

Speech? SPEECH? Did I hear you say? Oh ok then – you asked for it!

(Here I go then, in my best posh regal type accent).

Dear readers, followers, fans and what have yous, welcome.

Christmas is, for most of us, a rest from working hard to provide salad (Daddy), a time to get together with our sisters and family and prepare salad (Mummy), a time to concentrate on eating our salad (Me). Also a traditional time to reflect on the highs and highers of the year gone by (all of us) – and what a year that has been. I have made lots and lots of new bestest friends and would like to wish them, and all my old bestest friends, a very, very Happy Piggy Christmas for starters.

When One is a hugely successful and in the public eye as often as One is, it is easy to imagine everyone everywhere is sailing along merrily through life just like me. Well I know that isn’t always the case and this Christmas I will be sending special, magical Fairy-Wishes to my friends, both piggy and human, who could use a supportive helping paw. I would like you to know, you special folk, that I am thinking about you (apart from when I am thinking about my salad) and will make sure to send you lots of Fairy-Magic.

Happy Christmas!

And now for some super duper Fairy pics! Firstly, my official Queen Victoria lookalike portrait.

Santa Paws 1

Here is a memento of me visiting Santa-Bear the other day. I had such a long list to get through, reminding him to send bulging salad sacks to every single piggy in the kingdom.

Fairy and Santa

And finally . . .

Fairy builds her snowman! (4)b

. . . . to ALL of you!

Fairy builds her snowman! 1

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  1. I am just catching up Fairy. what a sweetie you are in your Santaa hat, and building your very own snowman! There can’t be many Guinea Pigs who can do THAT!
    Thankyou for the Christmas greetings. HAppy Christmas to you too!

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