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High Tea!

Ho, Ho and thrice Ho! Fairy here, your internationally renowned spirit of Christmas. Well, just to further illustrate what a selfless little bundle of philanthropic joy I am, I’m throwing a Festive Tea Party for Minty and Monty and the Pesky Mousie Babes so they can all show their appreciation for me and all my good works.

1 (2)

Just need to hang a few of these festive looking baubles to make the scene look suitably decorous. Can’t help thinking I am Gilding the Piggy, but Hey Ho, it’s traditional at this time of year.

1 (3)

Mmmmm actually, this bauble stringy stuff is very tasty – nomm nomm. And perfect for a spot of personal dental hygiene – that’s flossing for the uninitiated. Auntie Lisa will approve!

1 (4)

Lets just double check the catering arrangements – woolly cakes and glass decorations for the micey guests and fresh salad leaves for me – perfect!

Hark! Do I hear the deafening pitter-patter of millions of thunderous tiny paws approaching? I’d better go and greet my guests. I’ll be back for that tasty lettuce in a moment.

1 (5)

Oh – err, hello Mr Bear. I wasn’t aware I had invited you as an official gate crasher. Hummph, **thinks** – better hide the Sherry!

We are having Tea at the top table today. Don’t worry about the climb, Mummy will give us lift up there.

2 (1)

Right everyone, lets have a group portrait of the grown-ups.

3 (13)

And now one with the whole lot of mouseys. Look! We are all wearing matching ears!

Everyone say SALAD!

3 (2)

Oh what joy it is to be such a popular Piggy.

Ready, steady . . . wait for it . . . let’s get noshing!

3 (3)

Oh hello Marmaduke what do you think you are doing in my “seconds” bowl?

3 (7)

MUMMMMMMEEEEEE – Marmaduke needs to, err, ‘GO’!

Hummph – You would have thought he would have thought to ‘go’ before he came! Or come before he went or . . . well, oh you know – GO!!!!

What was that Marmaduke? Oh it’s okay Mummy, he doesn’t need to ‘Go’ anymore.

3 (8)

Oh for goodness sake, Petunia – how many more times – Mice do not like Salad!!!!

3 (9)

Mummy – Mr Bear found the Sherry – this party is getting out of paw!

3 (10)

Oooops – **tremor** hold tight! What was that? Some sort of Earthquake thingy? Yes Minty, I’m sure the Earth did move for you too!

3 (17)

Mummy – everything just jiggled. Was that Daddy putting his foot down again?

3 (4)

Goodness us – **lurch** there it goes again. Hold tight everyone.

MUMMMMMMMMMMMMMEEEEEEEEEEE – I know I am famous for my savoir fare, but this is getting ridiculous! All this furry table top moving about malarkey is making me feel quite queasy.

3 (18)

What was that Mummy? Oh, I see – it appears we have an extra special Big Guest Star featuring in today’s story. Well, no one told me and I am supposed to be The Star after all. Wait ‘till my Agent hears about this!

3 (15)

Quick, over here everyone – apparently it’s time to go and meet our special guest – with the Big Personality.

Big Personality???!!! Just between you and me Monty – I think Mummy is starting to loose it!

5 (1)

Mummy – where is it then? This special guest of whom you speak so eloquently?

6 (3)

Whoooooooooooa – Crikey! Er, I think I might be a little bit bit scared at this point!

6 (4)

Actually – it turns out ‘Winnie’ is a really Big Softy and apart from the odd unexpected jiggle, she made the perfect location for our High Tea Party. And being as how Winnie is so lovely, she has agreed to share her tea with me.

6 (5)

Pity she has such a tiny appetite!

6 (5)b.

Merry Christmas everyone.

I hope you, your family and all your furry Piggy friends have had a lovely peaceful and loving Christmas holiday. I can’t wait to share more of my pics and stories with you in the New Year!

5 (4)

Winnie was adopted by Daddy for Mummy from Sarah. A Big Surprise for her on Christmas Morning!

‘Tis the season to be . . .

SANTA! Here I am, all dressed up and ready for Christmas in my tastefully designed seasonal snuglage ensemble.

Speech? SPEECH? Did I hear you say? Oh ok then – you asked for it!

(Here I go then, in my best posh regal type accent).

Dear readers, followers, fans and what have yous, welcome.

Christmas is, for most of us, a rest from working hard to provide salad (Daddy), a time to get together with our sisters and family and prepare salad (Mummy), a time to concentrate on eating our salad (Me). Also a traditional time to reflect on the highs and highers of the year gone by (all of us) – and what a year that has been. I have made lots and lots of new bestest friends and would like to wish them, and all my old bestest friends, a very, very Happy Piggy Christmas for starters.

When One is a hugely successful and in the public eye as often as One is, it is easy to imagine everyone everywhere is sailing along merrily through life just like me. Well I know that isn’t always the case and this Christmas I will be sending special, magical Fairy-Wishes to my friends, both piggy and human, who could use a supportive helping paw. I would like you to know, you special folk, that I am thinking about you (apart from when I am thinking about my salad) and will make sure to send you lots of Fairy-Magic.

Happy Christmas!

And now for some super duper Fairy pics! Firstly, my official Queen Victoria lookalike portrait.

Santa Paws 1

Here is a memento of me visiting Santa-Bear the other day. I had such a long list to get through, reminding him to send bulging salad sacks to every single piggy in the kingdom.

Fairy and Santa

And finally . . .

Fairy builds her snowman! (4)b

. . . . to ALL of you!

Fairy builds her snowman! 1


Snow, snow and more snow! I expect you thought that is what you would find here today. Well, you were wrong! Nasty cold wet stuff that sticks to my whiskers – brrrr! So instead I am bringing you a little bit of summer. Sit down on a nice comfy chair, put your paws up and chill(!) while I show you a few of my favourite garden flowers.

My love of flowers can be traced back to the Big Royal Mouse Wedding Of The Year where I, among all my other important and complicated duties, was co-opted to do the wedding flowers. Remember Minty’s spectacular bouquet? A pretty little posy of Sweet Williams with some other little whatsits thrown in for good measure. Fairy-sized flowers, delicate, sweet and mini – just like little ol’ ME. A triumph!

Fairy's bunch of flowers (10)

Look! They are jolly snazzy.

If you need me to do your wedding flowers I am sure it could be arranged.

Fairy's bunch of flowers (12)

If you are going to a sophisticated wedding, you can always find a suitable hat hidden amongst the flower petals. This jolly posh hat was just the job for the famous Mouse Wedding of the Year. An occasion made all the more enjoyable by my meticulous planning and superior organisation skills. Oh and a particularly good Cheese-cake!
That reminds me, I must invite Minty and Monty round for tea, it’s ages since we got together!

Fairy flower power (5)

Have you ever tried lounging around in the flower bed? Daisies are particularly comfy and quite handy to hide among, their being white and everything!

No time for loafing today though. Let’s be taking a look over yonder . . .

Fairy Daisy (8)

. . . err . . . I am in here. HERE! Can you see me ok?

Fairy checks the garden for pollen (3)

Pink! My favourite colour! Mummy says it has something to do with my ears, I think . . . not sure what though.

Fairy flower power (14)

Now then . . . where was I? Oh yes, flowers.

The very best kind of flower is of course, the edible non petal flower – more commonly known in horticultural circles as ‘grass’. Not only is it comfy to loll about in, it also makes a tasty and nutritious snack. Yum!

Fairy lawnmower (11)

Fairy’s The Pig’s Whiskers!

This is the life, what ho and all that. I am not sure why Daddy needs BOTH his paws to support me though, I’m not THAT big . . . am I? Did I hear him say his arms are aching, goodness me, whatever next?

Fairy's new whiskers (7)

Humph! Back in my cuddle cup now – mind you, it IS very comfy thanks to Jen creating a made to measure one just for me, in MY size.

Fairy's new whiskers (3)

And while I am here I may as well show you these. Look! My new set of whiskers! They are coming along very nicely! You can hardly notice I had a shave a few weeks ago. And there’s no sign of that nasty little lump on my sweet, angelic face.

Fairy's new whiskers (2)

Have a close look, you can see how strong and long they are, and that groove has almost disappeared altogether. All smooth and tidy.

Fairy's new whiskers (9)

Oh garroo, Daddy, what do you think you are DOING? Oh, holding my whiskers up for everyone to see how good they are? That’s ok then, I suppose.

Fairy's new whiskers (5)

Phew, that’s better, back where I belong. Thank you for looking at my whiskers. – did you notice the really long, stand up type ones, I am particularly proud of those ones! I grew them all by myself!

Fairy's new whiskers (1)

A bit later . . .

Are you still there? Good! I just wanted to say to all those little pigs out there, EAT YOUR GREENS! It is the only way to make your whiskers grow. That is exactly what I did, and look at me and MY whiskers. You don’t need expensive unguents or any other complicated and expensive methods. Take it from me, one who knows about these things. A regular bowl of salad and you too will soon be all whiskered up!

Fairy's whisker grease (2)