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Another Special Delivery for Fairy!

What do we have here then? Looks like a fan has sent me another present – all the way from Germany!

It’s a goodly sized box. I wonder what it could be! Whatever it is, it’s sure to be exciting.

I hope it’s salad. I have it on very good authority that German salad is exceptionally tasty!!!!

Malilla's surprise parcel (3)

Can you locate the label, Mariella? Does it say ‘TO FAIRY’? It does?

Be very careful that the box doesn’t give way under your enormous bulk!

Malilla's surprise parcel (4)

Move over – let the Fairy see the present. Now what do we have here?

Malilla's surprise parcel (11)

Yes, very interesting – lots of paper – just what I wanted! PAPER!!!!

Malilla's surprise parcel (13)

Bit more paper . . .

Malilla's surprise parcel (15)

. . . and plenty of it. It’s obviously needs lots of protection – is it a Piggy?

Malilla's surprise parcel (16)

Wow – MUMMY, LOOK! A bright pink fleece cuddle-blankie! And just my size! PERFECT!

Malilla's surprise parcel (17)

What’s this then? I’ll lower it down on this rope Mariella, get ready to catch it!

Malilla's surprise parcel (25)

Mariella! It’s the snack pack you eat – not the rope. You are a dope! A ‘dope on a rope’ – tee hee!

Malilla's surprise parcel (26)

I’ll just have a little rest before I carry on unpacking – all by myself – without ANY HELP!!!

Malilla's surprise parcel (27)

DOUBLE WOW! There is another super duped pack of yum yums – it’s a carrot tart, perfect for a restorative nibble.

Put those teeth away Marigold – that one’s mine!

Malilla's surprise parcel (30)

What’s that bright red holey thing then?

Malilla's surprise parcel (33)

Now then, are these the instructions? Let me see . . . . hum . . . . ummm . . . . yeees . . . right, hum . . . .

Malilla's surprise parcel (34)

Oh I see, it says in here that it is a lovely ceramic, nightlight holder type ornamental apple.


So you can’t eat it then . . . oh well, perhaps Mummy can use it to make light work of her chores!

Malilla's surprise parcel (36)

Gosh, thank you Auntie Malilla. We really love our parcel and we really love YOU. XXXXXXXXXX

I’ll just have a quick rest while mummy arranges Marigold and Mariella for the group grateful photo.

Malilla's surprise parcel (20)

Actually, the ceramic apple makes a rather good posing podium – I can keep my eye on Mariella from up here!

Everyone say “Grass”!

Malilla's surprise parcel (40)


Up, Up and Away!

Now then my people – let’s see what the weather is going to be like today. If it’s all little fluffy white clouds and gentle cooling breezes, I might initiate the inaugural flight of my brand new, top of the range, super splendiferous Fairycopter. And not a pesky baby mousey in sight!

Fairy on toadstool looking up (1)

Well, I can’t see any reason why not to. All this weather watching can be a real pain in the neck.

Fairy on toadstool looking up (2)

Time for the pre-flight checks:

    • Sitting all cosy
    • Nice and warm and snugly
    • Lots of in-flight snacks and a few nibbles – just in case
    • Still no pesky mouses –

It’s time for Fairy-on-manoeuvres! Let’s GO! Up, up and away! Roger, Wilko and out!

I know, I KNOW – keep the pointy end behind me.

Fairy and her helicopter! (7)

Goodness me, you can see for miles and miles up here.

This is fun – Whooosh! Can you see me mummy? I think I’ve got the knack of this flying malarkey.

Fairy flights 2 L

I’m holding my attitude now . . . and travelling at 350 Top-Knots per hour.

I must have gone a bit further than I thought – looks like the seaside up ahead!

Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee – move aside Mr Seagull, Fairy is coming through – Whoooooooooooooooooooo!!

Fairy flights Fish chips

There’s Mummy down there with her camera thingy – must be time for my best grassy smile . . .

. . . MUMMMMMYYYYYYY! Are you watching me? Mummmmmmy – I’m up here!!!

What do you mean – it’s time for my bath????? No thank you – I haven’t quite finished putting the ‘copter through it’s paces.

Mind you, it’s a bit chilly, can someone turn that fan off, please?

Fairy flights over sea

I am just going to test the night flying capabilities. Are you watching me?

Fairy flights moon2

The Next Day.

Ooooooooooooops. How was I supposed to know it needed fuel? Can’t it make do with yummy grass and fresh salad, like little me? Lucky that tractor was on hand. I can’t see why they thought I needed an extra ‘toe off the beach’ though?! I’ve got just the right number thank you very much.

Fairy flights tractor

Ah good – home all safe and sound. Well one thing is for sure – I will be keeping my beautifully manicured little feet on terra firma-fleece now, at least until I’ve had my full Fairy breakfast!

Fairy and her helicopter! (1)


Piggy In The Middle!

Right Ho my hearties – it’s time to pose for our annual official portrait picture photo thingy.

Try to look stately and imposing Marigold. Just like me.

Everyone say “Fairy”!

Three British Pigs! (13)

Mummy wanted us to squeeze together a bit.

Fufff. Trust Mariella to take things too far. And I do not need a comb-over type toupee either thank you!

Three British Pigs! (6)

Right, that’s enough, scatter everyone – it’s time for our snack type rewards!

Three British Pigs! (3)