Fairy Gets A Helping Handy!

It’s a bit much, one can’t even enjoy a nice gentle stroll around the kitchen table searching for Mariella’s secret salad stash without bumping into something some careless person has left lying about.

Who left this here then? And, more to the point, what on earth is it?

Handy Fairy 2 (1)

What does it say on this here label?

Oh! ‘Handle with care’ and ‘Hand wash only’.

Handy Fairy 2 (2)

Maybe if I just take a closer look at this bit over here . . .

Handy Fairy 2 (4)

Those bright red blobs look just like Mummy’s extra special ‘Going out once in a Blue Moon’ shiny finger nails.

Handy Fairy 2 (9)

Hummmph – and that chain thingy looks very much like her special – ‘What on earth do you want for Christmas this year’, bracelet! Charming!

Just a minute – let’s examine all the evidence. Mummy’s finger nails, Mummy’s wrist. Ooo err, it can’t be –  can it? IT IS!!!!!

Handy Fairy 2 (11)

Eeeeeeeeeeeek – Mummy’s hand has dropped off!

She was always saying that she wore her fingers to the bone keeping up with my modest dietary requests.

Don’t panic . . . do not panic! DADDDDDDYYYYYYY – quick! There’s a hand on the loose!

Handy Fairy 2 (8)

Errr, I was only, err, teasing. I knew it wasn’t really Mummy’s real hand. I DID!

Mummy is busy clicking away with the ‘Box that Captures Fairy Magical Moments’ thing, and she needs BOTH hands for that.

Handy Fairy 2 (5)

Panic over. Not that I was actually panicking you understand. Picnicking maybe – but not panicking!!!

It’s actually amazingly nice and soft and snuggly . . .

Handy Fairy 2 (13)

. . . and those little charms things look good enough to eat!

Goodness – all this exploring, YAWN, makes a fearless Fairy very tired. Time for a little . . .

Handy Fairy 2 (15)

. . . Handy, snooze zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Handy Fairy 2 (16)

5 hours later . . . yawn  . . . stretch . . . this wonderful handy pad snuggle cosy was specially hand crafted for Fairy by my best friend Jenny, and will come in handy for when Mummy and Daddy are too busy for cuddles. It’s FHANDTASTIC!

Handy Fairy! (4)

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  1. Fairy, you’re adorable in your hand. You look so comfy and safe sleeping.

  2. Arent you a lucky piggy Fairy, what a wonderfully cosy present you got 🙂

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