Fairy’s Feeling Smugg!

I was just having a quiet nose around the house and came across this interesting object. Now what ever can it be?

SMUGG Fairy! (2)

Now then, I might just have a little look into that interesting top bit.

SMUGG Fairy! (11)

Ah, just as I suspected – methinks it looks like a perfect Mariella-free snuggling zone. Onwards and upwards!

SMUGG Fairy! (12)

Can you see me mummy?

SMUGG Fairy 2 (2)

This is so comfy, I might get it fitted with wheels – vroooooooooooooom!

Perfect for long walks!

SMUGG Fairy! (5)

Or perhaps I could address my loyal followers:

“Friends, Romans, Country-pigs, lend me your salad”.

“My fellow piggy’s – ask not what your country can do for you – ask rather what it can do for me? Or something similar!”

SMUGG Fairy 2 (6)

What a wonderful view – I can spy my super salady supper snacks from way up here.

SMUGG Fairy! (8)b

And I can snuggle right in – and keep my nose safe and warm.

SMUGG Fairy 2 (4)

This super Smugg Fairy-size bootee is so cosy, I might just move-in. Ha! The boot’s on the other feet now!

SMUGG Fairy 2 (7)

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