Piggy In The Middle!

Right Ho my hearties – it’s time to pose for our annual official portrait picture photo thingy.

Try to look stately and imposing Marigold. Just like me.

Everyone say “Fairy”!

Three British Pigs! (13)

Mummy wanted us to squeeze together a bit.

Fufff. Trust Mariella to take things too far. And I do not need a comb-over type toupee either thank you!

Three British Pigs! (6)

Right, that’s enough, scatter everyone – it’s time for our snack type rewards!

Three British Pigs! (3)

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  1. Stunning photos – I especially love the Fairy in the middle, she looks so squished but cosy at the same time! They are so good with her, Marigold and Mariella, they look very protective.

  2. Hello beautiful ladies! Such fat sassy girls-just the way you should look 🙂

  3. These 3 are definitely great-looking and healthy pigs. Miss Fairy is a little squished; in fact, a veritable “piggy in the middle” so to speak….

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