Fairy And The Tumultuous Tower Of Cosy-Comfort Device!

We find our pals busily sitting around happily doing nothing – but all is not as it seems.  There is a simmering mood of discontent coming inexorably to the boil, emanating from the hairy occupant of the cheese chair.

Hummph, Hummmph and thrice Hummmmph!

The wrong beds! (1)

What ails you sweet Fairy? You don’t appear to be your usual bouncy, jovial self today.

Well Marigold, thank you for asking but – if you don’t know, I’m not telling you!!!

The wrong beds! (1)b

And as for you young mousey type babies, shouldn’t you be busy sweeping chimneys or plaiting sand or doing something equally useful? And be quick about it!

The wrong beds! (3)

Err, *whispering* Marigold.

Yes Mariella, what is it?

I rather suspect that our international superstar sister is in one of her . . . moods!

The wrong beds! (6)

Oh goodness, what ever can the matter with her be?

The wrong beds! (4)

We think we know.

Err Auntie Fairy, can we borrow your highly developed cleverness skills for a moment, please?

The wrong beds! (5)

We want you to test our latest invention – it’s a tumultuous tower of cosy-comfort device.

What do you think of it Auntie Fairy, do tell us please? Oh yes, Fairy! Please do tell!

‘It will do’, proclaimed our furry hero.

The bed heap (2)

Fairy loves it! Yippppppeeeeeee, hurrrrrrrrrrah and various other squeaky outpourings of delight.

The bed heap (7)b

Fairy had been peeved because everyone was sitting on her favourite comfy pads.

Of course, she believes passionately in sharing everything snugglable, just so long as her share is a little more equal than others.

The bed heap (12)b

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  1. And the cheese stands alone….harumphing.

  2. Ahhh, now this reminds me of a tale about a princess who slept on a pile of mattresses with a pea underneath 🙂

    We all know that Fairy is a real princess but I’m not sure the pea would last the night! xx

  3. Aaah Fairy,I’m with you. Comfort is all isn’t it?

  4. Hahaha! fairy is funny – she looks so bewildered in those first few photos, then so happy – the 2nd to last is priceless! Look at her all cosy there, with her charges! Such a sweet family! Thanks Fairy, you always brighten our day!!!!!

  5. Fairy is a star and therefore she is allowed to have a temper and throw tantrums when she isnt happy. Very funny !

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