Pigs Might Fly!

Recently, Fairy took her big sisters for a spin on her Magic Carrotty-Comfort-Cushion, which also doubles as a disguised spaceship!

Fairy: C’mon everyone, all aboard! Fasten your seat-belts, if they will reach!

We’ll have to hurry, it looks like rain. Hold on tight . . . here we go . . . .

The Team test the carroty comfy cushion (5)

*weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeennnnooou* make your own aeroplane noises here!

10 minutes later . . .

Marigold: Phew! That was fun! You’re an expert pilot, Fairy. That landing was as smooth as cucumber!

Fairy: Talking of which . . . all this flying has made me feel rather peckish – time for a post flight snack!

The Team test the carroty comfy cushion (2)

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  1. Oh Fairy! We do love you – and your antics! Who knew you help a pilot’s licence?!

    We read your blog avidly and enjoy every episode – these last few posts really brough tears to my eyes, I almost DID fall of my chair laughing! Thank you, Fairy!

  2. rooooaaaarrrrr!

    Yes thank you Marigold. That will be quite sufficient. (sez Miss Fairy).

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