Smile For The Camera!

Marigold: Mum said ‘no tea’ and to sit still and behave! Look, she’s got that black box with the funny lens thing again!

A basket full of piggies! (5)
Marigold: Look over there though, there’s that nice sweetcorn mine . . . .
Fairy: Marigold, behave and look at the camera thingy.

A basket full of piggies! (9) copy
Mariella: Yes, it looks yummy. I am partial to a few sweetcorn husks.
Fairy: Smells good too! It’s my favourite, you know.
Marigold: And over yonder, is that the lettuce patch?

A basket full of piggies! (2)
Fairy: But if we want our TEA we have to look straight at Mummy – NOW!

A basket full of piggies! (6) copy
Fairy: Blow this for a lark, tea or no tea, I am getting out of here!

A basket full of piggies! (7)

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  1. woohoo, I can see big Mavis in the background. Lol, Fairy is always so well behaved^^ In the last pic when Fairy is getting out, Mariella or Marigold (the sheltie) has an expression that says “geez!” lol.

  2. So cute, Fairy, Mariella and Marigold! But what are you using the picture for? Love theroyalpiggies Duchess Sally Flower and Lady Rose Pose

  3. Turnabout this time: Mariella and Marigold are the good posers and Fairy is making a run for it. Love her tiny paw feeling outside the basket. Is Mariella the one with the brown fur? If so, her face kind of reminds me of a bunny rabbit. She is very cute. The other one, Marigold? With the gold fur around her nose and black fur hiding her eyes? She is the one you called Penelope Cruz? She is also very pretty.

  4. Hahaha! ffleur . . . We forgot to formally introduce Fairy’s sisters!

    Marigold, in the right of the basket, is the Teddy Bear type piggy, the BIG sister! And Mariella, with her flowing black locks, looks like Penelope Cruz, it is a well known fact! Mariella is the little sister, but is bigger than Fairy by a lot.

    There! I hope that clarifies things a bit πŸ™‚

    We hope to see more of M&M now they have promised to behave themselves and sit still for the camera!

  5. These pics are gorgeous! xxx πŸ™‚

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