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Fairy Takes Percy For A Spin!

What ho! I may be able to fly a carrot through the wide blue skies and beyond – but who would have thought that a real life wooden pig might fly too?

Just give me two ticks while I get cleared for take off and locate the accelerator pedal thingy, and check the horn – pip-pip!

Fairy Percy (3)

How high up is it, up there? Will I need my pigga-shute? It looks very high and very scary indeed.

Now then lets check the whether or not type conditions. There is a cross wind of 3-4 hay-knots Nor Nor West and visibility is, as usual, ‘challenging’.

Right, that’s all the highly technical stuff that you won’t understand, dealt with, time to fly.

I bet you thought I would be worried about flying . . . not me, Fairy the Fearless-flyer! (actually, I am a little more concerned about contracting a severe bout of the dreaded ‘splinters’)

Fairy Percy (5)

Hold on . . . I say . . . what the dickens . . . it is, isn’t it? That there – over yonder whatnot . . . well, I’ll be . . . get a move on Percy old chap and let’s zoom over there and investigate . . . neeeeeeoooouuuuuuuu . .. . weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee . . .

Fairy Percy (2)

Wooo hooo – this is so exciting! We’re travelling at the speed of white. Tee hee.

Fairy Percy (1)

View Halloo! Well done Percy Pig! You just carry on and hover up there a mo while I check out this rather stupendous Fairy sized super pumpkin type thingy!

Fairy and the pumpkin (1)

The question I know you’re all dying to ask is – am I going to ‘The Ball’ or to a totally brilliant and spookily amazing, surprise ‘Halloween Party’, thrown in my honour by Marigold and Mariella?

Fairy and the pumpkin (4)

That’s for me to know and you to find out – very soon!!!!

Fairy And The Tumultuous Tower Of Cosy-Comfort Device!

We find our pals busily sitting around happily doing nothing – but all is not as it seems.  There is a simmering mood of discontent coming inexorably to the boil, emanating from the hairy occupant of the cheese chair.

Hummph, Hummmph and thrice Hummmmph!

The wrong beds! (1)

What ails you sweet Fairy? You don’t appear to be your usual bouncy, jovial self today.

Well Marigold, thank you for asking but – if you don’t know, I’m not telling you!!!

The wrong beds! (1)b

And as for you young mousey type babies, shouldn’t you be busy sweeping chimneys or plaiting sand or doing something equally useful? And be quick about it!

The wrong beds! (3)

Err, *whispering* Marigold.

Yes Mariella, what is it?

I rather suspect that our international superstar sister is in one of her . . . moods!

The wrong beds! (6)

Oh goodness, what ever can the matter with her be?

The wrong beds! (4)

We think we know.

Err Auntie Fairy, can we borrow your highly developed cleverness skills for a moment, please?

The wrong beds! (5)

We want you to test our latest invention – it’s a tumultuous tower of cosy-comfort device.

What do you think of it Auntie Fairy, do tell us please? Oh yes, Fairy! Please do tell!

‘It will do’, proclaimed our furry hero.

The bed heap (2)

Fairy loves it! Yippppppeeeeeee, hurrrrrrrrrrah and various other squeaky outpourings of delight.

The bed heap (7)b

Fairy had been peeved because everyone was sitting on her favourite comfy pads.

Of course, she believes passionately in sharing everything snugglable, just so long as her share is a little more equal than others.

The bed heap (12)b

Pigs Might Fly!

Recently, Fairy took her big sisters for a spin on her Magic Carrotty-Comfort-Cushion, which also doubles as a disguised spaceship!

Fairy: C’mon everyone, all aboard! Fasten your seat-belts, if they will reach!

We’ll have to hurry, it looks like rain. Hold on tight . . . here we go . . . .

The Team test the carroty comfy cushion (5)

*weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeennnnooou* make your own aeroplane noises here!

10 minutes later . . .

Marigold: Phew! That was fun! You’re an expert pilot, Fairy. That landing was as smooth as cucumber!

Fairy: Talking of which . . . all this flying has made me feel rather peckish – time for a post flight snack!

The Team test the carroty comfy cushion (2)

Fairy, The Carroty-Comfort-Cushion and the Cheese-Chair Episode!

. . . earlier today in the Thatched Cottage Garden . . .

What’s that orange thing over there, Petunia?

I don’t know, Marmaduke. Maybe it has been sent here by a vastly superior intelligence from a galaxy far, far away.

Either that or the local supermarket’s delivery service has got the order wrong again!

Fairy's carrot and mouse cheese-chair (1)

Well, whatever it is, and where ever it has come from, it’s very big and very orange!

Here comes Fairy – she will be sure to know. She knows everything. I know she knows everything because she told me she does.

Fairy's carrot and mouse cheese-chair (2)

Now then you young mousy type mice. What’s happening?

Fairy's carrot and mouse cheese-chair (3)

There has been a sudden outbreak of strange, unexplained giant cuddle cup type things? Ooooh, sounds interesting.

Fairy's carrot and mouse cheese-chair (4)

Now then, where might these unexpected dollops of comfort be hiding themselves exactly?

Fairy's carrot and mouse cheese-chair (5)

I’m sitting on one?!

Fairy's carrot and mouse cheese-chair (7)

Yes, of course. I knew that.

Fairy's carrot and mouse cheese-chair (6)

Well let me see? This one is giant, and orange, very comfy and has an artistic green bit at one end.

Fairy's carrot and mouse cheese-chair (8)

It looks to me as if yours is triangular, and yellow, very comfy with an artistic ‘nibble’ taken out of one side.

Fairy's carrot and mouse cheese-chair (9)

Now let me examine all the evidence. Err . . . no idea!

Fairy's carrot and mouse cheese-chair (10)

Oh, just a minute, did you say you spotted the Postman staggering up the path with a huge parcel that had been sent all the way from America?

Fairy's carrot and mouse cheese-chair (15)

Oh of course, silly me – they are fabulous ‘designer’ chairs, made especially for us by Jens Custom Crafts! Yours is the all new patented Cheese-Chair, and mine is the Carroty-Comfort-Cushion.

Thanks Jen, they have been awarded my special ‘Approved by Fairy’ accolade.

Fairy's carrot and mouse cheese-chair (16)

Smile For The Camera!

Marigold: Mum said ‘no tea’ and to sit still and behave! Look, she’s got that black box with the funny lens thing again!

A basket full of piggies! (5)
Marigold: Look over there though, there’s that nice sweetcorn mine . . . .
Fairy: Marigold, behave and look at the camera thingy.

A basket full of piggies! (9) copy
Mariella: Yes, it looks yummy. I am partial to a few sweetcorn husks.
Fairy: Smells good too! It’s my favourite, you know.
Marigold: And over yonder, is that the lettuce patch?

A basket full of piggies! (2)
Fairy: But if we want our TEA we have to look straight at Mummy – NOW!

A basket full of piggies! (6) copy
Fairy: Blow this for a lark, tea or no tea, I am getting out of here!

A basket full of piggies! (7)