Time For Tea, Fairy!

Being a faithful Fairy follower, you will already know that I am well known for being exceptionally fond of my food.

I find that when one isn’t actively engaged in the process of eating then reading all about it is the very next best thing.

These quaint old salad recipes are making my mouth water. Mind you, they had some very peculiar ideas of how to create the perfect salad – didn’t they know that pigs don’t eat EGGS? Whatever next . . .

Fairy takes tea! (75)

Later on.

This looks to be a fine establishment, Mummy. Going out for tea is a real treat!

Fairy takes tea! (5)

Err, but where IS my tea exactly?

In the jug perhaps?

I can’t see it . . .

Fairy takes tea! (11)

What about on top of this here? No! That takes the biscuit!

Fairy takes tea! (14)

Or maybe it’s hiding in the tea pot . . . now let me just . . .

Fairy takes tea! (22)

. . . huff, puff . . . strain . . .

Fairy takes tea! (24)

No! There’s only ME in here!

Mummy – can you get me out of here please. NOW!!!

Fairy takes tea! (29)

What do you mean, ‘Look behind you’? This isn’t a pantomime you know.

Fairy takes tea! (3)

Oh, at last! Right! Clear the decks – here I come.

Fairy takes tea! (39)

Yummy – I just don’t understand why this spotty dish isn’t called a Tea Bowl!

Fairy takes tea! (51)

This is MY perfect cup of tea.

Those humans and their wishy-washy brown stuff, that comes out the teapot – what is all that about then?

Fairy takes tea! (45)

Waiter! WAITER! I say, WAITER!!! Can you come over here a moment this instant please?

Fairy takes tea! (63)

Oh there you are. About jolly time too. I need a smidgen more broccoli, quickly please? Chop, chop.

Goodness me, you were very slow – you just can’t get the staff these days!

Fairy takes tea! (69)

What did I say?

Fairy takes tea! (68)

Hummph – I suppose you think that’s funny?!

You needn’t think you’ll be getting a tip! And another thing . . .

Fairy takes tea! (48)b.

WELL I never! Whatever next!

Fairy takes tea! (54)

C’mom, Mummy, let’s be making tracks. I have had my fill of fancy Tea Shop type places.

We can make a proper Mummy type tea when we get home and you can serve it up just the way I like it – in my special Fairy dish and NOT ON MY HEAD!

Fairy takes tea! (8)

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  1. Lol! Fairy you are so funny! What a naughty waiter, although I must say you look quite fetching in the blond ‘sweetcorn’ wig 😉

    Thank goodness you didn’t get stuck in the teapot, mummy to the rescue again.

    It’s such a dismal day I think it’s time for a cuppa here too…you are a clever Fairy xx

  2. Fairy has the pinkest little feet. I like how I can see her legs and tiny feet (2nd picture). Usually one can’t even see the legs on the pigs. This was a really cute and funny post. I especially enjoyed Fairy getting all huffy when veg was placed on her wee head.

  3. woohoo! I’m officially a member? It’s weird, last time I could just comment without signing in, but this time I have to set up an account first:S no matter:) I love the latest story, Mildred, lol. Does Ian read them all too?:D Is he as talented a story writer as you:P Loving Fairy!!!!!!

  4. Hi serelixyue and welcome! I am so pleased you took the time to join us 🙂 Sorry about having to register but the other day I had 100 or more Spam comments – very scary! I still get them but they don’t show up thank goodness.

    Ian IS a good story teller!

  5. LOL Fairy!! You are so adorable. I love seeing you reaching into the teapot seeing you stretch your back legs. So cute. Im enjoying reading all of the stories. You brighten my day!! sending hugs and cuddles to you.

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