Mine’s A Sweetcorn Leaf!

I know what you are thinking – how could Fairy possibly leave all that spare lovely bright shiny sweet corn leaf treasure behind?

Well – she didn’t! Just after the last photo was taken . . .

Mummy – can you come quickly? Oh, and bring lots of carrier bags with you please!

Out for a ride (35)

A few hours later, back home all safe and sound . . . . .

Settle down now, and I’ll read you a bedtime story.

Once upon a time there were three little mice . . . and a lovely Piggy Auntie called Fairy . . .

Bedtime story (1)

Good  that did the trick – they have all drifted off to the land of nod.

Bedtime story (5)b

It was such a jolly good thing Mummy brought all the Sweet Corn Leaves home from the famous Sweetcorn Leaf Mine. I like to have a little snack just before retiring, and just in case I wake-up during the night, and just in case I might wake-up again during the night, and . . .

Bedtime story (3)

And there’s even some left for breakfast! Woo hoo!

Goodness me – yesterday was the best day ever! It was a champion day!

Time for . . . nom . . . nom . . . sleeps zzzzzzzzzzzzZZZ

Bedtime story (8)

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  1. Awww Fairy, you dear little soul, seeing you all snuggled up with the baby mice brings tears to my eyes. I hope Monty and Minty appreciate how lucky they are to have you xx

  2. We have really loved the latest few instalments – Fairy is hilarious! She is also so caring for others, what a lovely little piggy .

  3. Thanks Alimouse and furzone 🙂

    I have had to change how comments are left again! I keep getting loads of ‘spam’ type comments. When you leave a comment now it will await moderation – don’t worry, it will appear on the blog quite soon after you post as I am usually working at my computer!

  4. Are those corn husks? I tried some myself once, lol. They are kinda sweet! Fairy so lovable as always^^

  5. Yes, corn on the cob husks are really tasty, I haven’t met a piggy yet who doesn’t enjoy them! Can you get them where you live, sere?

  6. Yep! ^^ The pigs love them too! I thought it looked rather tasteless, and with the long strings I was afraid the pigs might choke a little, lol. But come on…if they can grind down all that hay, they can surely eat corn husks:P When their fresh bag of timothy hay arrived, it smelled SO good the pigs literally dove right in. I was wondering whether it really tasted *that* good and nibbled a bit myself, rofl. It was like cardboard:( The pigs just get so enthusiastic over it…*happy sigh*

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