Fairy Gets More Treasures Than She Bargained For!

Nanny Fairy here people, my good works and kindnesses to bestow.

Minty and Monty wanted a quiet day out together today, probably to get me a big prize or plan a huge surprise party for me or something of that me-centred nature. I, of course, volunteered to look after all the baby mices for them. Such a selfless little treasure I am!

Out for a ride (36)

Hello there Marmaduke, Mabel and Petunia. How lovely for you to have me to look after you today.

Out for a ride (8)

Right you three, lets be ‘aving you. Are you all sitting comfortably? Hold tight. We are off for a quiet genteel stroll around the garden on this beautiful sunshiny day, in your beautiful new shiny pram.

Out for a ride (34)

Mummy, we are going to set off now mummy. We won’t be too long, Mummy. You might want to prepare some restorative sustenance for when we get back. I will be very much in need of it because I will be doing all the hard work type things in the hot sun, pushing this great big heavy pram and everything.

Out for a ride (6)

Chocks away! Oh! Hang on . . . I will need a quick energy boost before we move off.

Now where did I put that secret stash of grass? Looks like you are sitting on it, Marmaduke, hotch over.

Out for a ride (9)

Yum, yum. Now, you three can sit there patiently and admire a virtuoso display of piggy formation nibbling and at the same time get a free maths lesson.

Munch, 2, 3, 4. Chew, 2, 3, 4 . . . and what comes next, Petunia? Yep, swallow! Gulp 2, 3, 4 . . .

Out for a ride (13)

That was just the ticket. Right, brace yourselves – time to launch this show on the road.

Just a cotton pickin’ minute – what’s that up ahead?

Out for a ride (4)

It can’t be, can it? It looks like it could be . . . I can’t believe it – we might have stumbled across a mythical, fantastical, storybook type treasure, beyond the wildest dreams of piggy avarice. . . A Sweet Corn Leaf Mine!!!!

Corn drying

Whoooooooah! Look! By ginger! It is!


Out for a ride (16)

Goodness – this looks like a very picturesque picnic spot. Let’s just sit and eat the scenery for a while.

Nomm, nomm, burp – pardon! Nomm, nomm . . .

Out for a ride (19)

We can’t possibly leave all this yummy stuff here to go to waste . . .

I know, let’s pile as much as we can into the perambulator.

Out for a ride (15)

I had better sit up here and make sure nothing falls overboard.

Come on then mices – heave ho. Let’s make tracks for home.

Out for a ride (20)

Put those little mousey backs into it. Puuuuuuush!

Out for a ride (21)

Hummph, we don’t seem to be getting very far. Are you all trying?

Out for a ride (25)

What’s that, Mabel? One of the wheels has sunk into the gravel?

Well, if you had pushed a little harder, and complained a little less . . .

Out for a ride (30)

MUMMMYY – HELP – WE’RE STUCK! Ring the breakdown man, quick. We will need an extra big, strong tow truck!

Out for a ride (32)

No need to panic – I have it all fixed and fettled.

There was nothing for it – I lightened the load – by eating all those yummy leaves!

Out for a ride (33)

We haven’t heard the end of the soon to be legendary Sweet Corn Leaf Mine saga, no doubt . . .

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  1. *giggle*

    This story was so precious and hysterical Mildred. Fairy is just the funniest little pig. I love how she had to stand on a rock to be at the right height to push the little pram. Very cute pram btw. And how she broadcasts all her movements by yelling out to mommy. Just like a little kid. And how did I guess she would end up in the pram with the micettes pushing? Well, it is Fairy’s world afterall, we just live in it.

  2. Fairy says: “Nanny McPhee got nuttin’ on me!”

  3. Good to see your quick thinking saved the day once again Fairy!

    Any ideas on who created the secret Sweet Corn Leaf Mine though?
    I’m not one to gossip, but surely I can’t be the only one to have noticed that your sisters have been keeping a suspiciously low profile recently…. ! 🙂

  4. What a funny story and how lucky to come across such a pile of treasure! Getting the baby mice to push was just hilarious especially as the bigger picture reveals Fairy sitting on top 🙂

  5. This is my favourite story so far!! The free math lesson rofl. You MUST write story books, Mildred, publish all these and you’ll have primary school libraries ordering from you!! I noticed that in some of the pics, Fairy really IS pushing the pram, she has her little paws on the handles, lol. That is so cool. How you manage for her to stay put? a BORN photogenic…

  6. It is enough to know you are enjoying the Fairy Tales, serelixyue! I think trying to get published would be quite a task!

    Fairy does seem to stay put, for a few seconds anyway, enough to get the photo ‘in the bag’!

  7. I love this story.

  8. i love this its great .it would make a great little book for kiddies to have read to them.
    and the pictures are good too

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