Fairy Gets Sent Packing!

Everyone knows what a busy little bee I am, but my absolute favourite job has to be sending out parcels to my friends! Wrapping up a pressie in my own special logo-ed tissue paper, adding a personalised card and not forgetting a liberal sprinkle of special Fairy Magic and then imagining the parcel speeding off to its brand new home, where its arrival is eagerly anticipated, then it being ripped open and the glee at the contents – it has to be the best feeling ever, err after eating of course . . . and snoozing . . . oh and a jolly good back scritch . . .

It doesn’t seem like 5 minutes since I was busy packing up a load of my button badges destined for all my fans living in far flung places around the globe. Oh, such is the hectic life of an international celebrity piggy.

Fairy and her badges

I am packing all these super-dooper piggy plaque things today. They are rather good – ‘A House Is Not A Home Without A Guinea Pig And a Fridge Full Of Salad’! Err, what did you say there, Mummy – ‘it is more like a bit of peace and quiet’!?

Actually, Mummy helps with the hard packing type work. I supervise, generally telling her what to do next and just exactly  where to stick the stamps. Those stamps taste really icky. It’s just a thought but you wonder why they are not lettuce flavoured. Hum, maybe I could write to the Head Of Stamps at Royal Mail – and if he or she is reading this then take note please!

Fairy gets packing (3)

Gosh, packing can get very complicated – my poor little brain is getting very over-worked.

Perhaps a little nap in this cosy box will be just the thing, before I have to go to the Post Office.

Fairy gets packing (5)

Hello Mr Postman-Bear Sir. I’d like to despatch some parcels; First Class please.

Mummy was extra very busy today so I had to wrap this last one myself. It is a lovely food parcel especially for my friend, Snoopy. You can tell I packed it personally because it is wrapped so beautifully neat and tidy.

At the post office! (16)

Whaddya you mean, ‘It’s too heavy’?

There can never be enough freshly grown grass in a parcel. I picked it myself from the latest batch of the freshest Grow-It-Yourself-Grass, choosing each blade with tender care, testing each verdant leaf for plumpness and juiciness and chompability.

Oh, that might be all well and good – but it is still too heavy then?!

At the post office! (6)

Let’s be having a closer look. I need to get my thinking cap on here.

Hum . . . perhaps if I were to neaten the ends a little bit.

At the post office! (7)

Nommm, nomm, burp – pardon! nomm, nomm . . .

At the post office! (4)

Hummph, perhaps we might have overdone stuffing the grass in the parcel a little tiny bit.

Mummy must have put some extra in when I wasn’t looking. I couldn’t possibly have got it wrong!

It doesn’t matter though, it means I get to have an extra snack in between . . . err . . . other snacks.

At the post office! (2)

Right, that looks a lot better. Lets try it again on those scales of yours, Mr Postman-Pat Bear.

Perfect! Now, where did I put my stamps?

I am sure Snoopy will be as pleased as punch with her parcel.

At the post office! (5)

Err, I’ll just tidy away these stray bits before I go! I don’t mind, it’s all in a days work.

At the post office! (14)

Home James, and time for a restorative snack!

Now then Marigold and Mariella, hold your horses – leave a little bit of that stamp flavoured greenery for me!


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  1. Oh wow – what a super Blog!
    Fairy is truly a special character and deserves a worldwide syndication!
    Please keep these wonderful stories coming – they truly are a sprinkle of magical fairy dust in an otherwise mundane world!

  2. You’re such a hardworking little girl Fairy, I don’t know how you find the time to juggle gardening, mouse-sitting, house-building, packing and parcelling….the list is endless! You really are a ‘Piggy of all Trades’!! x

  3. Fairy: if you use your head, you will find the stamps….

    Love this story. Busy, bustling, bossy and beautiful Fairy certainly gets a job done.

  4. Haha! Wonderful, ffleur! I love reading your comments!

    And Hello Bert & Ernie’s Mum! Welcome to Fairy’s Magical World 🙂 If ever you need a temp you know where to come! fairy can multi task with abandon!!

    Thanks, PiggyPerson, and welcome to you too!

    Due to a recent spam attack I have changed the comment system. While you don’t need to Log In to post comments, the first new comment you post will have to be approved. I am hoping this will put an end to the persistent spammers!

  5. I love this blog, I always check it before I start working. It is instant happiness 🙂
    How very considerate of Fairy to send some fresh grass to her friend, that would make any piggy happy. She may be “an international celebrity piggy” but she still has a heart of gold.

  6. Fairy always manages to send the blues packing! She is such an adorable little piggy with a huge personality.

  7. Hahaa, thanks Mildred! I’ll bear that in mind…though considering my boys’ besottedness of her I don’t think Fairy would get a minutes’ peace to spread her multi-tasking magic around here! x

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