A Very Special Delivery!

Now then, settle down you two. You’ve been pacing about like a cat on a hot . . . oops, sorry about the indelicate feline reference there. No offence!

Everything comes to those who wait – including the Postman.

Speedy delivery (8)

*Ding Dong, Ding Dong, Ding Dong, Ding Dong*

Oh-ho. Is that the doorbell? That’ll be him now.

Speedy delivery (10)

This special delivery will be for me of course – I sent off for some new Cuddle Cup beds, an extra soft blankie and assorted treat-type things and there will probably be a whole sack of fan mail to attend to. Oh and I ordered a home delivery of fresh salad snacks and some . . .

Speedy delivery (13)

Thank you, Mr Postman! Gosh Minty, what big paws he’s got!

It’s a very large and neatly wrapped parcel. Hum . . . actually, it doesn’t look like anything I have ordered. What the dickens can it be?

Speedy delivery (15)

Who is it addressed too?  Oh dear, this label isn’t very easy to read – you’d think they would all use Braille wouldn’t you?

Speedy delivery (19)

Mummy . . . MUM! Is this for me? No?! Humph! Well, that’s put the dampers on things!

I was looking forward to showing off my new lifestyle choices.

Speedy delivery (21)

Well, who on earth can it be for then? Well, not to worry, I’ll just nibble this little bit of string stuff to help unwrap the parcel while you are puzzling it out.

Speedy delivery (24)

What’s that? Oh, it’s for you two, Minty and Monty. There must be some mistake.

Speedy delivery (32)

Oh look, it came by the Speedy Piggy Delivery Service! That’s Great Aunt Mavis there, on the label.

Speedy delivery (30)

What! I can’t see a thing! Who put the lights out?

Speedy delivery (33)

Hang on! What do we have here? An interesting box, it seems to be filled with tissue paper.

Speedy delivery (38)

Yum! Tasty pink – my favourite!

Speedy delivery (50)

Can you see what’s inside it, you two? It’s very well packaged.

Speedy delivery (39)

Check if there’s any spare salad while you’re down there, Monty.

Speedy delivery (40)

Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty now, and see what’s inside.

What do we have here then? Goodness, there are . . . . THREE different packages to open and I think I can guess what’s in them.

Speedy delivery (46)

LOOK! There are THREE babies! All bright and shiny and brand spankingly new. Gosh – don’t they look like their photos? The little boy has his daddy’s ears . . .

Of course, it is quite usual for mice to have large families. Monty, you look rather shell-shocked! You had better start saving for their college education right now.

Anyway, don’t you two worry about a thing. I can nip round to baby-mouse sit, and help with their feeds and all the rest of it. Will they eat salad left overs?

Speedy delivery (54)

Boohoo . . . .sniff . . . this is all so lovely. It has made me a little bit tearful. Blub, Snort – pardon! I am so happy for you both!

Speedy delivery (52)

Come on everyone – let’s line up for a grand group photo for the Family Album!

Speedy delivery (63)

I’ve set the camera on its timer thingy – big smiles everyone . . . it will go off in any second now!

Speedy delivery (66)

I’ll just double check that there isn’t anything in there for me – CLICK – Oh blow, it went off!

Speedy delivery (67)

Grandma Marigold! Let’s try again. Sit up now! Everyone say ‘SALAD’!


Speedy delivery (68)

Congratulations Minty and Monty on the safe arrival from the Adopt-A-Mouse Rescue of your new mail-order family.

Two girls and a boy, what could be nicer?

I love the names you have chosen for them too.

I am sure Petunia, Mabel and Marmaduke will be very happy here and will soon be starring in their very own Fairy Stories!

Now, I do believe it is bedtime. Night, night Minty. Night Monty and Mabel. Night, night Marmaduke . . . Night Fairy!

Speedy delivery (65)

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  1. Another delightful tale. I love how Fairy assumes the package is for her. We can see how tiny she is next to those large postman hands! And did my little eyes spy a Fairy Stamp on that package? And we will definitely have to see her “lifestyle choices” soon. Haven’t we all moved just as the camera went off? My favourite part of every story is when she turns to mummy or daddy for clarification then has a tart little reply. I still remember “Rome wasn’t built in a day, very profound I am sure….!”
    Love this story – Love Fairy!!!

  2. Baby meeces for Monty and Minty, how exciting! 😀

    I love the way Fairy doesn’t give up hope that there may be some goodies in the parcel for her and she’s soooo sweet offering to mouse sit! I just love her to bits. And the others too, of course. Xxx

  3. How wonderful Monty and Minty adopted from a Rescue. Me and my 3 piggies are big supporters of Rescues !
    Fairy is just so sweet and clever, what a lovely girl she is.

  4. Oh thank you, ffleur, Alimouse and Isabel Maas, you are both so kind with your comments – you made my day when I read them 🙂

  5. Lovely pics of Fairy & her Family x… I love getting parcels too, Fairy – very exciting ripping them open! 🙂 xx
    ps… Love the bubba mice 🙂

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