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Time For Tea, Fairy!

Being a faithful Fairy follower, you will already know that I am well known for being exceptionally fond of my food.

I find that when one isn’t actively engaged in the process of eating then reading all about it is the very next best thing.

These quaint old salad recipes are making my mouth water. Mind you, they had some very peculiar ideas of how to create the perfect salad – didn’t they know that pigs don’t eat EGGS? Whatever next . . .

Fairy takes tea! (75)

Later on.

This looks to be a fine establishment, Mummy. Going out for tea is a real treat!

Fairy takes tea! (5)

Err, but where IS my tea exactly?

In the jug perhaps?

I can’t see it . . .

Fairy takes tea! (11)

What about on top of this here? No! That takes the biscuit!

Fairy takes tea! (14)

Or maybe it’s hiding in the tea pot . . . now let me just . . .

Fairy takes tea! (22)

. . . huff, puff . . . strain . . .

Fairy takes tea! (24)

No! There’s only ME in here!

Mummy – can you get me out of here please. NOW!!!

Fairy takes tea! (29)

What do you mean, ‘Look behind you’? This isn’t a pantomime you know.

Fairy takes tea! (3)

Oh, at last! Right! Clear the decks – here I come.

Fairy takes tea! (39)

Yummy – I just don’t understand why this spotty dish isn’t called a Tea Bowl!

Fairy takes tea! (51)

This is MY perfect cup of tea.

Those humans and their wishy-washy brown stuff, that comes out the teapot – what is all that about then?

Fairy takes tea! (45)

Waiter! WAITER! I say, WAITER!!! Can you come over here a moment this instant please?

Fairy takes tea! (63)

Oh there you are. About jolly time too. I need a smidgen more broccoli, quickly please? Chop, chop.

Goodness me, you were very slow – you just can’t get the staff these days!

Fairy takes tea! (69)

What did I say?

Fairy takes tea! (68)

Hummph – I suppose you think that’s funny?!

You needn’t think you’ll be getting a tip! And another thing . . .

Fairy takes tea! (48)b.

WELL I never! Whatever next!

Fairy takes tea! (54)

C’mom, Mummy, let’s be making tracks. I have had my fill of fancy Tea Shop type places.

We can make a proper Mummy type tea when we get home and you can serve it up just the way I like it – in my special Fairy dish and NOT ON MY HEAD!

Fairy takes tea! (8)

Mine’s A Sweetcorn Leaf!

I know what you are thinking – how could Fairy possibly leave all that spare lovely bright shiny sweet corn leaf treasure behind?

Well – she didn’t! Just after the last photo was taken . . .

Mummy – can you come quickly? Oh, and bring lots of carrier bags with you please!

Out for a ride (35)

A few hours later, back home all safe and sound . . . . .

Settle down now, and I’ll read you a bedtime story.

Once upon a time there were three little mice . . . and a lovely Piggy Auntie called Fairy . . .

Bedtime story (1)

Good  that did the trick – they have all drifted off to the land of nod.

Bedtime story (5)b

It was such a jolly good thing Mummy brought all the Sweet Corn Leaves home from the famous Sweetcorn Leaf Mine. I like to have a little snack just before retiring, and just in case I wake-up during the night, and just in case I might wake-up again during the night, and . . .

Bedtime story (3)

And there’s even some left for breakfast! Woo hoo!

Goodness me – yesterday was the best day ever! It was a champion day!

Time for . . . nom . . . nom . . . sleeps zzzzzzzzzzzzZZZ

Bedtime story (8)

Fairy Gets More Treasures Than She Bargained For!

Nanny Fairy here people, my good works and kindnesses to bestow.

Minty and Monty wanted a quiet day out together today, probably to get me a big prize or plan a huge surprise party for me or something of that me-centred nature. I, of course, volunteered to look after all the baby mices for them. Such a selfless little treasure I am!

Out for a ride (36)

Hello there Marmaduke, Mabel and Petunia. How lovely for you to have me to look after you today.

Out for a ride (8)

Right you three, lets be ‘aving you. Are you all sitting comfortably? Hold tight. We are off for a quiet genteel stroll around the garden on this beautiful sunshiny day, in your beautiful new shiny pram.

Out for a ride (34)

Mummy, we are going to set off now mummy. We won’t be too long, Mummy. You might want to prepare some restorative sustenance for when we get back. I will be very much in need of it because I will be doing all the hard work type things in the hot sun, pushing this great big heavy pram and everything.

Out for a ride (6)

Chocks away! Oh! Hang on . . . I will need a quick energy boost before we move off.

Now where did I put that secret stash of grass? Looks like you are sitting on it, Marmaduke, hotch over.

Out for a ride (9)

Yum, yum. Now, you three can sit there patiently and admire a virtuoso display of piggy formation nibbling and at the same time get a free maths lesson.

Munch, 2, 3, 4. Chew, 2, 3, 4 . . . and what comes next, Petunia? Yep, swallow! Gulp 2, 3, 4 . . .

Out for a ride (13)

That was just the ticket. Right, brace yourselves – time to launch this show on the road.

Just a cotton pickin’ minute – what’s that up ahead?

Out for a ride (4)

It can’t be, can it? It looks like it could be . . . I can’t believe it – we might have stumbled across a mythical, fantastical, storybook type treasure, beyond the wildest dreams of piggy avarice. . . A Sweet Corn Leaf Mine!!!!

Corn drying

Whoooooooah! Look! By ginger! It is!


Out for a ride (16)

Goodness – this looks like a very picturesque picnic spot. Let’s just sit and eat the scenery for a while.

Nomm, nomm, burp – pardon! Nomm, nomm . . .

Out for a ride (19)

We can’t possibly leave all this yummy stuff here to go to waste . . .

I know, let’s pile as much as we can into the perambulator.

Out for a ride (15)

I had better sit up here and make sure nothing falls overboard.

Come on then mices – heave ho. Let’s make tracks for home.

Out for a ride (20)

Put those little mousey backs into it. Puuuuuuush!

Out for a ride (21)

Hummph, we don’t seem to be getting very far. Are you all trying?

Out for a ride (25)

What’s that, Mabel? One of the wheels has sunk into the gravel?

Well, if you had pushed a little harder, and complained a little less . . .

Out for a ride (30)

MUMMMYY – HELP – WE’RE STUCK! Ring the breakdown man, quick. We will need an extra big, strong tow truck!

Out for a ride (32)

No need to panic – I have it all fixed and fettled.

There was nothing for it – I lightened the load – by eating all those yummy leaves!

Out for a ride (33)

We haven’t heard the end of the soon to be legendary Sweet Corn Leaf Mine saga, no doubt . . .

Fairy Gets Sent Packing!

Everyone knows what a busy little bee I am, but my absolute favourite job has to be sending out parcels to my friends! Wrapping up a pressie in my own special logo-ed tissue paper, adding a personalised card and not forgetting a liberal sprinkle of special Fairy Magic and then imagining the parcel speeding off to its brand new home, where its arrival is eagerly anticipated, then it being ripped open and the glee at the contents – it has to be the best feeling ever, err after eating of course . . . and snoozing . . . oh and a jolly good back scritch . . .

It doesn’t seem like 5 minutes since I was busy packing up a load of my button badges destined for all my fans living in far flung places around the globe. Oh, such is the hectic life of an international celebrity piggy.

Fairy and her badges

I am packing all these super-dooper piggy plaque things today. They are rather good – ‘A House Is Not A Home Without A Guinea Pig And a Fridge Full Of Salad’! Err, what did you say there, Mummy – ‘it is more like a bit of peace and quiet’!?

Actually, Mummy helps with the hard packing type work. I supervise, generally telling her what to do next and just exactly  where to stick the stamps. Those stamps taste really icky. It’s just a thought but you wonder why they are not lettuce flavoured. Hum, maybe I could write to the Head Of Stamps at Royal Mail – and if he or she is reading this then take note please!

Fairy gets packing (3)

Gosh, packing can get very complicated – my poor little brain is getting very over-worked.

Perhaps a little nap in this cosy box will be just the thing, before I have to go to the Post Office.

Fairy gets packing (5)

Hello Mr Postman-Bear Sir. I’d like to despatch some parcels; First Class please.

Mummy was extra very busy today so I had to wrap this last one myself. It is a lovely food parcel especially for my friend, Snoopy. You can tell I packed it personally because it is wrapped so beautifully neat and tidy.

At the post office! (16)

Whaddya you mean, ‘It’s too heavy’?

There can never be enough freshly grown grass in a parcel. I picked it myself from the latest batch of the freshest Grow-It-Yourself-Grass, choosing each blade with tender care, testing each verdant leaf for plumpness and juiciness and chompability.

Oh, that might be all well and good – but it is still too heavy then?!

At the post office! (6)

Let’s be having a closer look. I need to get my thinking cap on here.

Hum . . . perhaps if I were to neaten the ends a little bit.

At the post office! (7)

Nommm, nomm, burp – pardon! nomm, nomm . . .

At the post office! (4)

Hummph, perhaps we might have overdone stuffing the grass in the parcel a little tiny bit.

Mummy must have put some extra in when I wasn’t looking. I couldn’t possibly have got it wrong!

It doesn’t matter though, it means I get to have an extra snack in between . . . err . . . other snacks.

At the post office! (2)

Right, that looks a lot better. Lets try it again on those scales of yours, Mr Postman-Pat Bear.

Perfect! Now, where did I put my stamps?

I am sure Snoopy will be as pleased as punch with her parcel.

At the post office! (5)

Err, I’ll just tidy away these stray bits before I go! I don’t mind, it’s all in a days work.

At the post office! (14)

Home James, and time for a restorative snack!

Now then Marigold and Mariella, hold your horses – leave a little bit of that stamp flavoured greenery for me!


Nanny Fairy To The Rescue!

I didn’t know the new babies would be such hard work, Monty. I am just about at my tails end trying to cope with everything. I haven’t slept in nights! They don’t give me a moment’s peace – look at them! It’s bedtime now and they simply won’t settle down and go to sleep!

Don’t worry, Minty my sweetheart! I’ve just called Fairy and she is coming round later, as soon as she has finished her snacks. I am sure with her supreme diplomatic and organisational skills she will soon have everyone under control and life will be all hunky-dory again. You’ll see. If not, I have kept the receipt . . . Shh – she’s here!

Babies being naughty

Now then you three! Sit up straight and pay attention. It’s time we had a little chat.

Baby mouse bedtime (1)

No Marmaduke you can’t be excused – you should have ‘been’ at break time.

I want you to show your new mummy and daddy how good you all can be.

Baby mouse bedtime (25)

Come on now! It’s bed time. Settle down there. None of this shilly-shallying.

NO – I am not going to read you another story Mabel!

Baby mouse bedtime (4)

Well thank you, Petunia. I know you love me SO MUCH and a big hug is always lovely . . .

Baby mouse bedtime (7)

. . . oh! A very big hug it is then! These Cuddle Cup beds are not very big, are they?

Baby mouse bedtime (9)

4 hours later . . . that’s better – all that huggling has tired them out. I think everyone has nodded off . . . zzzzzzzzzzzz

Baby mouse bedtime (10)

The next night.

I brought one of my Baby Bowls around. I thought it would make a suitable bed!

In you get Petunia, there’s just enough room for a little’un!

Baby mouse bedtime (18)

What’s that, Marmaduke, you’re HUNGRY? You can’t be! It isn’t long since you had your supper.

No, I won’t get off until you promise to stop being naughty and go to sleep!

Baby mouse bedtime (16)

There – that worked! Good NIGHT . . . zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Baby mouse bedtime (12)

The third night.

This old packing case from my office (the kitchen) makes a jolly good bed too. But you will soon either outgrow it or wear it out. Particularly if you don’t stop all that wriggling about.

Baby mouse bedtime (21)

Hmmm . . . I’ve got my work cut out here. However, I think I have solved the underlying problem – we need some new, proper beds – just like Monty and Minty’s. The babies want to be treated as part of the family.

Mummy! Daddy! Get your credit cards warmed up, we’re going shopping!

Baby mouse bedtime (23)

The Next Night

There we are – Bob’s your uncle!

The kiddy-winks feel all grown-up and appreciated and have settled down a treat.

All tucked up in the correct beds (3)

Mummy – does this mean I should have a brand new, super duper, luxury four poster bed with silk sheets and integral fridge (to help stave off night starvation) – just like yours? No!?

Hummph – one rule for mice another for Fairy! It’s so unfair!

All tucked up in the correct beds (6)

Oh well, at least it looks like my work here is done. All’s well that ends well!

Good night, Minty – good night Fairy! Good night, Monty . . . good night Fairy! Good night, Mabel, night night Auntie Fairy . . . good . . . night, Marm . . . zzzzz

All tucked up in the correct beds (8)ch

A Very Special Delivery!

Now then, settle down you two. You’ve been pacing about like a cat on a hot . . . oops, sorry about the indelicate feline reference there. No offence!

Everything comes to those who wait – including the Postman.

Speedy delivery (8)

*Ding Dong, Ding Dong, Ding Dong, Ding Dong*

Oh-ho. Is that the doorbell? That’ll be him now.

Speedy delivery (10)

This special delivery will be for me of course – I sent off for some new Cuddle Cup beds, an extra soft blankie and assorted treat-type things and there will probably be a whole sack of fan mail to attend to. Oh and I ordered a home delivery of fresh salad snacks and some . . .

Speedy delivery (13)

Thank you, Mr Postman! Gosh Minty, what big paws he’s got!

It’s a very large and neatly wrapped parcel. Hum . . . actually, it doesn’t look like anything I have ordered. What the dickens can it be?

Speedy delivery (15)

Who is it addressed too?  Oh dear, this label isn’t very easy to read – you’d think they would all use Braille wouldn’t you?

Speedy delivery (19)

Mummy . . . MUM! Is this for me? No?! Humph! Well, that’s put the dampers on things!

I was looking forward to showing off my new lifestyle choices.

Speedy delivery (21)

Well, who on earth can it be for then? Well, not to worry, I’ll just nibble this little bit of string stuff to help unwrap the parcel while you are puzzling it out.

Speedy delivery (24)

What’s that? Oh, it’s for you two, Minty and Monty. There must be some mistake.

Speedy delivery (32)

Oh look, it came by the Speedy Piggy Delivery Service! That’s Great Aunt Mavis there, on the label.

Speedy delivery (30)

What! I can’t see a thing! Who put the lights out?

Speedy delivery (33)

Hang on! What do we have here? An interesting box, it seems to be filled with tissue paper.

Speedy delivery (38)

Yum! Tasty pink – my favourite!

Speedy delivery (50)

Can you see what’s inside it, you two? It’s very well packaged.

Speedy delivery (39)

Check if there’s any spare salad while you’re down there, Monty.

Speedy delivery (40)

Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty now, and see what’s inside.

What do we have here then? Goodness, there are . . . . THREE different packages to open and I think I can guess what’s in them.

Speedy delivery (46)

LOOK! There are THREE babies! All bright and shiny and brand spankingly new. Gosh – don’t they look like their photos? The little boy has his daddy’s ears . . .

Of course, it is quite usual for mice to have large families. Monty, you look rather shell-shocked! You had better start saving for their college education right now.

Anyway, don’t you two worry about a thing. I can nip round to baby-mouse sit, and help with their feeds and all the rest of it. Will they eat salad left overs?

Speedy delivery (54)

Boohoo . . . .sniff . . . this is all so lovely. It has made me a little bit tearful. Blub, Snort – pardon! I am so happy for you both!

Speedy delivery (52)

Come on everyone – let’s line up for a grand group photo for the Family Album!

Speedy delivery (63)

I’ve set the camera on its timer thingy – big smiles everyone . . . it will go off in any second now!

Speedy delivery (66)

I’ll just double check that there isn’t anything in there for me – CLICK – Oh blow, it went off!

Speedy delivery (67)

Grandma Marigold! Let’s try again. Sit up now! Everyone say ‘SALAD’!


Speedy delivery (68)

Congratulations Minty and Monty on the safe arrival from the Adopt-A-Mouse Rescue of your new mail-order family.

Two girls and a boy, what could be nicer?

I love the names you have chosen for them too.

I am sure Petunia, Mabel and Marmaduke will be very happy here and will soon be starring in their very own Fairy Stories!

Now, I do believe it is bedtime. Night, night Minty. Night Monty and Mabel. Night, night Marmaduke . . . Night Fairy!

Speedy delivery (65)