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The Birds, The Bees and Babies!

G’day my people!

I am just on my way to visit Minty and Monty. I need to have a little ‘talk’ with them about something very important.

Fairy's bunch of flowers (10)

I hope Minty likes these pretty flowers, I picked them especially and didn’t even eat one!

Fairy's bunch of flowers (12)

Now then Minty and Monty, I thought I’d drop by and see how married life is treating you?

You have been married for a month now and there are certain matters of a delicate nature that we need to discuss.

It’s nice that we can sit out in the sunshine and relax while we have our little chat. Would it be possible to arrange for some snacks though? It seems ages since I had my post lunch top-up. Oh and a cooling drink – I’m beginning to feel a bit hot.

Fairy and adopt a mouse baby (1)

Now while you two sit up straight and concentrate on paying attention and not giggling, I am going to get a little booklet that will help me to explain certain matters more fully.

Fairy and adopt a mouse baby (2)

Right, deep breath, here goes. Minty and Monty my dears, you are both healthy mice and it is only natural that your thoughts may be turning towards err, gulp – starting a family.

Oh dear, is it me or is it getting very hot in here?

Fairy and adopt a mouse baby (10)

Planning a family is not a matter to take lightly. There are many pitfalls and lots of things can go wrong.

Pay close attention to this section, and those diagrams, and all will become clear. Hopefully!

Fairy and adopt a mouse baby (12)

Goodness, where’s mummy when you need her?

You see, it isn’t too complicated is it? All you need to ensure is that you follow the procedures carefully and don’t worry if nothing seem to be happening. It can take ages sometimes but it will be worth the wait. Before you both know it, you will be blessed with the pitter patter of tiny paws.

Fairy and adopt a mouse baby (14)

That wasn’t so difficult.

Monty and Minty are going to send off for a baby mouse from their local Adopt-a-Mouse Rescue centre. They have some beautiful little mice.

Fairy and adopt a mouse baby (5)

Well done you two – there are so many babies needing good homes.

Maybe you could ask for a baby AND a toddler mouse, then they can play together then!

Fairy and adopt a mouse baby (8)

Your local Adopt-a-Mouse Rescue Centre will be glad you had the good sense to act responsibly.

Can you excuse me now, I really need to go and have my tea.

Fairy and adopt a mouse baby (16) b

Gosh Minty, I thought Fairy was going to give us her ‘Birds and Bees’ talk!

Minty and Monty plan their adoption (1)

Yes Monty, so did I! How embarrassing would that have been? Give us a kiss!

Minty and Monty plan their adoption (4)


Everything In The Garden’s NOT So Rosy!

It is a lovely warm Sunday afternoon and the sun is shining. There is a light cooling breeze to gently ruffle my silky fur as I sit here snacking on my Grow-It-Yourself-Grass. Life is truly wonderful!

Now, where was I? Oh yes – nom, nom, nom . . .

Fairy's grass box has been eaten! (3)

Humm, now, where are those two furry mischief makers? Up to no good I wouldn’t wonder.

Fairy's grass box 2 (1)

Oh, where did I put that grass?

Fairy's grass box has been eaten! (14)

It seems to have moved.

Fairy's grass box has been eaten! (4)

It isn’t over here either!

Fairy's grass box has been eaten! (13)

Just a cotton pickin’ minute . . .

Fairy's grass box has been eaten! (6)

It’s GONE! There is nothing left except a few miserable stalks. Grrrrrr!!!

Fairy's grass box has been eaten! (15)

Calm. Be very CALM Fairy. There must be a perfectly reasonable explanation that has nothing to do with those great hulking furry termites that have the temerity to call themselves ‘family’! Well there had better be.

Fairy's grass box has been eaten! (8)

Mummy! MUMMY! I need a word please. QUICK!!!

Fairy's grass box has been eaten! (11)

Oh I see. It is much better to share a special treat with my sisters than be greedy and eat it all myself, is it?

Fairy's grass box has been eaten! (7)

Hmmm. Mummy may be very nice and everything – but she sure has a lot to learn about Guinea Pigs!

One thing I am very sure about – the World hasn’t heard the last of this!

Fairy's grass box has been eaten! (18)

(to be continued)


Grow It Yourself!

It may not have escaped the more astute followers of my Blog that Marigold and Mariella, my half sisters, are rather more ‘traditionally built’ than my svelte, lithe self. This is due the the vast quantities of salad they consume. As well as their regular meals – breakfast, mid morning snacks, late morning snacks, lunch, afternoon tea, high tea, tea and supper for example Marigold has perfected an ingenious method for obtaining even more fresh salad.

Here she is in action.

Marigold: ‘Fairy, can you test that tunnel out, over there, for cosiness please. You will need to spend a few minutes in it to check is it just the right size to provide the correct amount of squeeziness. Do take your time, won’t you?’

Pignic time, grass tray! (10)

Come on, Mariella! We need to nibble very fast before we are spotted!

Pignic time, grass tray! (12)

Hahaha! Very funny, Marigold! I bet you thought I wouldn’t notice you and Mariella tucking in to my Grow-It-Yourself-Grass!

Pignic time, grass tray! (1)

It is rather tasty and I don’t mind sharing. You can both have another mouthful if you like.

Pignic time, grass tray! (7)

Whoa! Not such a big mouthful, go steady . . . there won’t be anything left for my supper.

Pignic time, grass tray! (9)  

Mum! MUUM!! Can you come here, Marigold and Mariella have finished now and want to go back in to the playhouse! NOW!

Pignic time, grass tray! (5)

That was a scary moment, I thought they were going to eat it ALL! I think we should order some more seed and plant them a garden of their own. There are some things one doesn’t mind sharing, and maybe I can think of something later. Anyway, Grow-It-Yourself-Grass isn’t called Grow-It-YOURSELF-Grass for nothing!