Fairy Grows Grass – On An Industrial Scale!

That grass growing experiment we did recently went very well. The only problem being that there wasn’t quite enough to grow round, so to speak. Actually, there might well have been if Mariella had been put on a strict diet. I know, I was the only one who thought she should be on one! Anyway, we have decided that the only logical solution is to step-up grass growing production dramatically. The other day we took delivery of of some extra large bulk packs of seeds in readiness!

Magic Grass 6 (4)

Here we are at The Grass Growing Manufactory and it’s action stations, all paws on deck, and other urgent sounding phrases!

As you can see, the first batch has germinated and is looking to be in fine fettle.

Daddy says that, according to the directions, the grass has to grow to 150 ‘something’s’ before it is ready. Humph – I don’t think I can be quite 150 something’s, but I certainly am ready!

Fairy's Magic Grass 2 (2)

Here we are at the first measuring event.

Lower away . . . steady . . . to me a bit . . . to you . . . hold it there . . .

Fairy grow it yourself measuring session (2)

Now let me see – it says ‘3’. Crikey, that’s another ‘147’ to go!!!!! This is going to take ages.

Fairy grow it yourself measuring session (4)

Daddy, are you sure that measuring device thingy hasn’t stretched?

Fairy grow it yourself measuring session (3)

Oh well, suppose we had better wait a bit longer – it doesn’t say anything in the directions about not being allowed a crafty sample munch or two though!

Perhaps it is time for a little bit of Fairy Magic, to help speed things along a little.

Fairy grow it yourself measuring session (5)

Here it is, sprinkled with my Magical Fairy Drops – they will certainly help to get it growing quickly!

Fairy grass close ups (7)

Ha – they worked a treat! Looks to me like at least 200 something’s – lets get measuring.

Fairy's Magic Grass 2 (3)

Wow – 150 munches exactly! Looks like Daddy even managed to get the measuring thingy planted properly too.

Fairy's Magic Grass 2 (8)

Err, does anybody know where the exit is?

Fairy's Magic Grass 2 (12)

If somebody doesn’t give me a hand in a moment, I will have to eat my way out!

Fairy's Magic Grass 2 (13)

Now then everybody – stand aside, it is time to welcome the honoured guest (me) to the Grand Grass Opening Ceremony.

The grass has grown! (18)

Ladies and Gentleman, Piggies and . . . err, other Piggies – Taaa-raaa-raa-raaa, I hereby declare this Tray of Grass . . officially . . . wait for it Marigold . . . OPEN!

The grass has grown! (13)

Okay then, you can start to tuck-in now.

Oi! Don’t bite off more than you can chew, Mariella – there’s plenty for everyone!

The grass has grown! (8)

Thanks Fairy, nom, nom, nom, burp oops pardon! This might keep us going until teatime.

The grass has grown! (5)

Well that was jolly good while it lasted – which wasn’t quite as long as I would have wished.

Marigold and Mariella had better start working lots of overtime to ensure I have a regular crop!

You’d think everyone would have cottoned on to this ‘Grow-It-Yourself-Grass’ malarkey – it’s the bees knees! Or should that be the piggies whiskers?!

Fairy's grass box has been eaten! (3)

Many thanks to Gorgeous Guineas and Planet Guinea for supplying more seeds for advanced testing – they were just the ticket!

Grow-It-Yourself-Grass Seeds are available to buy in the UK from Planet Guinea (contact Karen at Guinea Pig Welfare if you are unable to order online). Similar yummy grass products may be found locally worldwide. If you can recommend a reliable source, please let me know and we will be happy to add a link right here on Fairy’s Blog.

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  1. oh Miss Mildred, I do so enjoy your Fairy adventures. Like all clever, courageous and daring heroines, Fairy delivers a great story. She is right up there with Pippi Longstocking and Anne of Green Gables in my opinion. She is bossy, sensible, funny, smart and oh so adorably loveable. And she gets into everything, like all great heroines should. Like me, Fairy finds the metric system a tiny bit confusing. 150 munches is just perfect.

  2. Thanks so much, ffleur! As always, we love reading your comments – this one was a great start to our day 🙂

  3. Fairy is a wonderful piggie, what a great example of courage and love.
    Hats off to you Mildred for giving her a life full of love.

  4. Wow Fairy, you have this grass growing cracked- easy isn’t it! Tis very healthy and nutritious too (minor detail) and grazing on growing grass is much better for your teeth than eating picked grass- a winner every time!

  5. They all love ‘picking their own’ grass, Karen! The new batch is coming on a treat too. It is certainly more fun than traipsing round looking for good, clean grass to collect every day! We can’t wait to try the sunflowers next!!

  6. I’ve been following your grass growing tips with great interest and think it’s about time you got your own slot on Gardener’s World 🙂

    My nieces used to have a strip of turf in their run when they lived in a flat but now they have a big garden to explore.

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