Three Pigs In A Home!

Hello my people. I am often asked by someone, what is the ideal number of piggy’s in a household? Well, we were given a present of this super-dooper, attractive sign thing by my piggy-daddy, Ernie, the other day. And, by jingo, it’s just the job for helping me to answer that very important question.

Take a quick gander at my present – what do you reckon then?

Ernie's lovely gifts! (3)

In my opinion, which is well known for always being right, THREE piggies per home is the optimum quantity!

When it comes to that all important subject of food, for example, a large helping of salad can be easily spit up into three fair share piggy portions of a half each – biggest half for me, and then half each of what’s left over for the other two piggies. There is a very useful tried a trusted formula you can use. I’ll share it with you here:

Let food = T, Piggies = 3 and Home = 1

Then, Portion = (T/3 + 1)(Fairy x lots)/(T – 1/2) = mine

Or something like that anyway. It’s probably too complicated for you to grasp.

Moving swiftly on. Come on now, you two, time for a quick group photo. Look at the camera thingy and say ‘grass’!

Ernie's lovely gifts! (5)

He he! That went very well! What do you reckon Mariella? Oh! Are you feeling a bit tired?? Well, just rest your chins there a while and maybe it would be best if you didn’t eat anything at all for an hour or two – get your strength up for supper later on.
Keep you fur on Marigold – you can have a go up here in a minute, while I go get my tea!

Ernie's lovely gifts! (4)

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  1. What a delightful blog you have!!
    I had a guinea pig growing up named Snert. Loved that furry fella.

  2. What handsome piglets!

  3. Hello Lisa Taron, thanks from dropping in! Snert is a wonderful name! We are so pleased you are enjoying Fairy’s Blog!

    Hello Mike, thank you too – we think the girls are handsome, and pretty and snuggly – just like every guinea pig we have ever known!
    Fairy is very special because she is blind and deaf . . . we love her dearly 🙂

  4. love the sign where can i get one? your very lucky that the girls all get on havin 4 boys that dont is not easy alfie and barney best mates, oscar and rupert tolerate each other at best! but i love them davexx

  5. These little gimme pigs are so blessed to have such a loving home :0)
    I love them!
    I have house rabbits they are pretty cute too :0)

  6. Fairy math is certainly….interesting. But of course it all makes sense in Peegie world. 1 for you and 3 for me. hehehe.
    Fairy’s bossy, smart, funny little self always makes me smile.

  7. I love your maths Fairy and wish you were in my class as you’d be a star piggy in school just as you are at home!

  8. GRASS:D

  9. Thanks for everyone’s comments!

    The signs are on order and should be arriving soon! I know a few people asked for one via the Guinea Lynx Forum, you can find Fairy over in ‘The Chronicles’ If anyone else wants one I can order some more, they are about £8.00 if I remember correctly 🙂

  10. hi mildred, can u pls order me one, or let me know how to thank u, u have myemail address davexxx

  11. Thanks, David, I sent you an email;)

  12. Hello aalur, I have one sign left if you want it. They were £8 and £3 postage. Just email and let me know if you want to go ahead 🙂

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