The Grass Is Always Greener . . .

C’mon you two, we’re moving lawns! Look, the grass is greener over yonder!

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Pack your cuddle cups and snoozing bags, and bring plenty of nourishing snacks for the journey.

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We’d better get topped up, Marigold, Fairy usually knows what she is munching about

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. . . nom, nom, nom. I don’t know why we have to move, Mariella. The grass is very tasty here.

You’re right, Marigold, nom, nom, nom, but Fairy says the grass will be even tastier on the other side of the lawn.

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This last grass snack is top notch.

If it isn’t up to scratch when we get there, I am coming straight back!

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The lettuce isn’t to be sneezed at either – unlike the sneezy pollen!

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Watch out Marigold, mind your fury nose. We don’t want to run you over.

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Right! We’re off! Toot-toot!

Are we nearly there yet? I’m feeling peckish.

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We’re there! That didn’t take long. Time to disembark. Watch out below – here I come

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Well, the lawn over here is rather nice Marigold . . . but I’m not quite sure – it looks so big and scary. I hope we will fit in ok!

Let’s go check it out Mariella. After all, there isn’t room under here for us both! Be brave now!

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Well it might not always be greener, but the grass is always just as tasty, on the other side of the lawn.

It’s time to get down to some serious lawn mowing – which remind me, where are my special Grow-It-Yourself-Grass seeds?

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  1. This reminds me of “Princess and the Pea”. Princess Fairy perched atop many mattresses, erm, cuddle cups. ‘xactly where she should be!

  2. Just catching up with you Fairy and it looks like you’ve been very busy! I’ll never hear the expression ‘the grass is always greener on the other side’ without thinking about you…and how the grass is ‘just as tasty’. 🙂

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