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Come Into The Garden!

As I have some film left in the camera, due to having to dash back unexpectedly from ‘our’ honeymoon, I have decided to take you on a special guided tour round a bit of my garden.

First stop is our Clubhouse. It is fitted out with a gigantic fridge, containing the worlds largest Salad Crisper department. The Club House combines state of the art Piggy-o-matic cumfortatory devices – cuddle cups, huts and tunnels a’ plenty. A place to meet, eat, sleep and play (but mostly eat). Can you see me? I am atop Big Mavis!

Fairy tour round the garden (4)

On to one of the most important bits now – The Vegetable and Salad Bed. We grow our own sweetcorn, parsley and lettuce and other smelly herb like things. We also have raspberries and apples. A small area is set aside for potato growing – goodness knows why because I can’t stand them myself. Waste of good salad growing space if you ask me . . .

Fairy on tour round the garden WF (2)

These are the extra tasty baby sweetcorn plants. Not very big, are they? Hardly worth the effort! Mummy says they will grow big in time (not if I can get to have a go at them first they won’t).

Fairy on tour round the garden WF (1)

That is Daddy’s garden spade propped up against the cow shed wall. He says he gets a bad back digging, I wonder why?

Fairy on tour round the garden WF (3) 

  That is the way into the cow shed, where we go on hot days – it is very cool in there. The beehive doesn’t have bees IN it . . .

Fairy on tour round the garden NF (6)

. . . although we DO have lots of buzzy bees dotted around the plants. This one is finding pollen in the lupins.

020610 (7)

That is Big Wilma tucking into a helping of fresh chives behind me. And her carrot is against the wall. Tastes a bit woody if you ask me.

Fairy on tour round the garden WF (4)

Here I am in front of the Pig Sty now, in a very special place. It is Mavis’s Memorial Garden. We keep it filled with pretty flowers all year round.

Fairy tour round the garden (13)

No! We don’t have a REAL porky-pig! We have Percy! Mummy, don’t I look brave?

Fairy Percy (1) 

This is the flower border.

Fairy tour round the garden (1)

It goes all the way along the back of the lawned area of the garden.

Fairy tour round the garden (8)

We like to romp here when it is nice and warm and sunny! But not when it is wet or too hot.

On the lawn again (11)

Sometimes Albert the blackbird joins us! Mummy feeds him by hand – good job he doesn’t like salad.

Garden blackbird110510 (4)

This is me on the lawn looking very small and extra cute. This photo was taken from the far end of the garden which is very high up.

Fairy tour round the garden (9)

I love this bit – I can hide from Marigold and Mariella here and eat my mid morning snack.

Fairy tour round the garden (10)

Meet Gordon! Daddy trims his fur even more often than mummy trims Marigold’s curly locks. Looks like he is due another short back and sides soon!

Fairy tour round the garden (11)b

The back of the house is interesting. The walls have . . .

Fairy on tour round the garden WF (9)

. . . pigs fitted in!

Fairy on tour round the garden NF (18)

I am going to meet up with the rest of the gang in the Clubhouse now – it is well past my lunch time!


Fairy tour round the garden (15)



Honeymoon cut short – shock!

We have had such a lovely honeymoon. I have kept an eye on the newly weds and we have gone everywhere together. I will be sending more pics soon so everyone can see what we’ve been up to. However, it seems we are returning home a bit early though, ready for my Big Birthday on Friday. Minty and Monty say that Mummy has arranged a big party for me with lots of presents and tasty nibbles; so I am really sorry Minty and Monty but the honeymoon will just have to finish early!

Now then where are those pesky love-mice? They sent me along early to reserve the seat but they will have to hurry otherwise they might miss the bus. I can’t imagine how they would cope without me to organise everything for them!

Greyhound bus

Oh dear! They are leaving it a bit late, the driver has started the engine. Lucky I managed to get a nice comfy seat. When do they come around with the snacks?

Greyhound bus seat

Bye bye Fairy – see you back in Appleby! Right Minty – it’s just you and me now – at last!

Fairy leaving, on the road


Wish You Were Here! The Honeymoon – Part 1

As you know, I am accompanying Minty and Monty on their honeymoon. I am taking the important role of Chief Photographer and Reporter. ! I knew I would come in useful.

Fairy gets the camera lined up (1)

Here are the happy couple! Minty and Monty have packed their bag and are off on the holiday of a lifetime! Smile, say ‘cheese’!

Visiting some gardens (1)

That is our hotel for the night. We will book in later.

Bag packed and they're off (4)

We are going sightseeing this morning. This is a nice street!

Lincoln visit (7)

Yummy! Those chocs look rather tempting, Minty, and is that a chunk of cheese on the right? We won’t go in though – there doesn’t appear to be any salad for sale!

Lincoln visit (1)

Wow! The Cathedral is so tall!

Lincoln visit (3)

After a scrumptious lunch of cheese toasties and salad, off we went to the park to climb some trees. I was in charge of the camera so you can’t actually see me in action! Careful, Minty, hold on tight!

Tree climb (1)

Well done! You are almost at the top!

Hang on Minty, I’ll reach a paw down and help you. I’ll just put my camera down.

Tree climb (3) 

Minty and Monty enjoyed the tree climb so much they went in for some ‘free climbing’. Look – no rope! They are so brave. I didn’t fancy taking part but it was good fun watching.

Tree palm climbing (3)

Careful you two! It’s very high indeed.

Fairy gets the camera lined up (5)

After a snack we went for a tour round the gardens. Minty! Monty! Smile please!

Visiting some gardens (2)

What gorgeous flowers.

Visiting some gardens 2 (2)

Pretty yellow ones, too.

Visiting some gardens (10)

Oops!I This isn’t right – I  seem to have lost the knack of using the camera.

Visiting some gardens 2 (3)b

Oh, crikey . . . I seem to have too many Minty and Monty’s.

Visiting some gardens (8)b

Flippin’ camera . . . did anyone think to bring the instruction book do you know?

Fairy gets the camera lined up (4)

Is this any better? I just can’t quite get the right angle.

Visiting some gardens 2 (4)b

Oh dear me, it’s facing the wrong way round now.

Fairy flower power (10) 

Phew! That’s better! Sorry about that!

Visiting some gardens (2)

Come on then, it is time to go to the hotel. And supper!

Visiting some gardens (3)