My Little Garden!

I received lots of lovely gifts for my Birthday the other day but one in particular was most welcome: Grow-it-yourself Grass!

Our good friends at Gorgeous Guineas sent me a bag of magical seed things which Daddy planted for me. We watered them every day and now look! Lots of yummy, tall, extra fresh tasting grass – just for ME!

Here I am sampling it for my lunch today. Mummy, can you pass me a napkin, please.

Fairy lawnmower (14)

Mmmmmmmmmm! I am getting hints of summer meadow, with tincture of morning dew, and a distinct aftertaste of seconds. Not a bad vintage!

Fairy lawnmower (7)

It works equally well as a pudding! Jolly good exercise for the jaw too. Nom, Nom, Nom.

Fairy lawnmower (1)

It really is very nice, perfect some would say.

You should try some! Err – not from this batch of course. You really wouldn’t like it as much as I do, so it would be wasted.

Fairy lawnmower (2)

Mine came as a gift from Gorgeous Guineas, so you can jolly well visit Planet Guinea and grow your own. Now if you will excuse me, I have some serious munching to get on with. Bye – burp (oops pardon), bye for now.

Fairy lawnmower (3)

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  1. hahah! Perfect pictures and words Mildred. Fairy is so funny what with her love of food but not sharing. I wonder if her sisters will get a nibble? hmmm…probably not. Fairy looks like she is in a jungle of long grass, she is so tiny. Adorable pictures.

  2. Lucky, Lucky Fairy, a perfect sized garden for a perfect Guinea.

  3. Wow! Your own little garden Fairy, what a perfect gift. I wonder how long it will last 😉 xx

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