We’re On The Move!

The newly weds have been spending time relaxing in their brand new rented apartment in London. It is Japanese style!
Meanwhile Peregrine and Pandora are busy decorating Minty and Monty’s new home, with a little help from Fairy of course.

Come along Peregrine, you will have to brush-up your technique – you’ve missed a bit!

Peregrine and Pandora painting (1)

It’s looking very smart. Maybe Minty and Monty can move in at the weekend.

Peregrine and Pandora painting (2)

This Oriental style penthouse apartment in Town is all well and good . . . but I feel like I am in a cage when I come to visit!

Minty and Monty go Japanese! (4)

Mind you, I must admit I quite like this super hat thingy!

Minty and Monty go Japanese! (22)

And the pair of you look very fetching in yours!

Minty and Monty go Japanese! (2)

And those shoes are the height of fashion, Minty!

Minty and Monty go Japanese! (13)

Muuum! Look! Can I get a pair of these please? I could use my Birthday money!

Minty and Monty go Japanese! (12)

They make me look taller, and everything!!! I promise I won’t fall off them.

Minty and Monty go Japanese! (10)

Oh! Is it time for a snack? Good! I was beginning to feel rather peckish! Can we have sushi salad without the fish please?

Minty and Monty go Japanese! (14)

A couple of days later . . .

We’re on the move! Minty and Monty’s new home is ready now. We’ve loaded the cart and we are on the way! I hope they haven’t forgotten anything . . . beds, blankets, cuddle cups, food bowl, salad . . . SALAD?!

House move (1)

Where’s the salad? It’s no good, we’ll have to go back . . .

House move (3)

. . . what’s that Marigold? You’ve already stocked up the fridge? Well, why didn’t you say?! Phew! That’s one less thing to worry about. Let’s get this lot unloaded then and we can make a start on lunch.

House move (6)

There! That is much better! Nom, nom . . . lovely salad!

Err, Snow Bear, get off the bed!

They're in! (3)

I didn’t mean, ‘Help yourself to MY salad’!

They're in! (7)

More tea, Minty?

They're in! (6)

Actually, this bed is quite comfy and seems to be just my size.

They're in! (16)

And Snow Bear fits nicely on the rug!

They're in! (17)

Maybe I could stay over and keep you and Monty company, Minty!

They're in! (13)

Hehe! I was only joking! I like my own house far too much to live in a mouse-house!

More salad anyone?!

They're in! (4)b

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  1. Could there be romance on the cards for Peregrine and Pandora?

    Oh Fairy, you’re very good at organising…I wish I had a Fairy to help organise me (I certainly need help sometimes!) and you look so grown up in those posh shoes…and tall!!!

    What a wonderful surprise for Monty and Minty and how lovely to see that Snow Bear has settled in so quickly (although he does look like he’s developing a taste for salad) 🙂

    Another beautiful instalment Mildred. A few moments of peace and sanity in a hectic day, thank you xx

  2. Alimouse! Thank you very much!! We love reading your comments 🙂 oh, and Minty and Monty Mouse wonder if you are any relation, as you have the same surname!!

  3. I like the shot of Fairy in the mouse bed. Too cute. I couldn’t help thinking of the Rawhide theme song “rollin’ rollin’ rollin’ keep those wagons rollin’ rawhide!” (old TV western show).

    Fairy asking mommy for a pair of those shoes is just too typical of a girl! You write so well for our little hero.

    I hope Fairy is recovering from the nasty hay fever?

  4. I remember Rawhide too, ffleur! I often find myself humming the tune!! Was Clint Eastwood Rowdy Yates? My, that was a lifetime ago;)

    And thank you, Fairy IS feeling much better today. We kept her indoors and that nasty snuffle has gone. I am positive it was hay fever. Poor little Fairy . . . I can’t bear it when any of them are poorly but I feel even more upset when it is Fairy, what with not being able to see or hear, then feeling ill – well, it is all too much for her – and me!

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