Post Birthday Surprise!

Thank you everyone for all your lovely Birthday Wishes, cards, gifts and salad – especially salad! I had a wonderful Birthday and love being ONE. Why can’t it be a brilliant birthday day every day?

Fairy's New Cuddle Cup (1)

I didn’t have a traditional party as such with balloons and streamers and jelly being as I was a little bit poorly. However, lots of friends called round to sample my Carrot Cake – which was scrumptious . . . apparently! . . .

Carrot cake (5)

. . . and to watch me work my way through my salad basket contents. This took up most of the morning.

Fairy's Birthday Treats (7)

It was extremely tiring! I was just getting ready for a nice long nap, when suddenly without warning or anything, someone NEW appeared in MY cuddle cup.

Fairy and Snow bear (4)

Security! SECURITY!!!

Errr . . . . Muuum! Would you mind telling me who THIS is? And more to the point – what exactly does it eat?

Fairy and Snow bear (6)

Aw! Mummy says he’s called Snow Bear, and that he is a late Birthday present from my Great Granny and Granddad. What a nice surprise!

I love his stripy scarf, it matches my bed perfectly, and his snow-white fur matches me! He’s very cuddly too. And seeing as how he doesn’t eat salad – he can stay!

Happy Birthday and 4 days to ME!

Fairy and Snow bear (9)

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  1. security, security!
    Fairy is so cute! “As long as Snow Bear doesn’t eat salad he can stay”.
    They do look alike. I like the 4th picture where Fairy appears to be wondering “who the heck are you?” And the last picutre where she is cuddling Snow Bear – cheek to cheek. Adorable pictures and text Mildred.

  2. Never worry Fairy. Your mum and dad would not let anyone in your cuddle cup who would hurt you. You are much too precious. Your salad on the other hand looks awfully good. I can see someone stealing that!

  3. Thank you, ffleur and Bugsmom! I love reading your comments! I hope you enjoy the latest story . . . the newly weds have moved into their new home! Of course, Fairy was on hand to direct the proceedings 🙂

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