Happy Birthday, Fairy!

Fairy is ONE today!

Fairy's card from shadowkitten

And look who are here! The love struck mice have returned from their Honeymoon – and just in time.

It looks as though Fairy has a big pile of cards and presents, Minty! I can’t wait to see her face when she knows we have come home from our honeymoon especially to share her big day! This super de-luxe salad basket weighs a ton – and might even last Fairy until teatime!

Fairy's Birthday Treats (2)

Fairy . . . . FAIRY! Come on! Look what we brought you?

Fairy's Birthday Treats (1)b

Oh! Minty, Monty! So – you decided to come home then?

Fairy's Birthday Treats (3)

Some of my special friends thought I was a bit upset when you didn’t make it to the bus the other day, but seeing as you have come for my Birthday AND you seem to have brought along a very big present, I will happily forgive you. Oh shucks, enough of all that lovey dovey cuddly stuff – you two are worse than Daddy!

Fairy's Birthday Treats (4)

Now, let me check this salad for freshness, crispiness and tastability.

Nom, nom, my favourite – Romaine Lettuce! Keep it coming Minty.

Fairy's Birthday Treats (5)

Gosh, a present you can wear AND eat – perfect!

Fairy's Birthday Treats (8)

I love Birthdays – particularly first Birthdays, and even more particularly – My First Birthday!!!!

Fairy's Birthday Treats (9)

That little light snack was good. Now then, what have we here?

Fairy's Birthday Treats (24)

This paper is a bit tough . . . gnash, gnash, rip . . .

Fairy's Birthday Treats (25)3

. . .  I am tearing away and don’t seem to be getting anywhere.

Why are you two giggling? What’s that Monty? The present flew out the other end!

Fairy's Birthday Treats (30)

WOW! Look at this fantastic new PINK cuddle sack and beautiful card.

Thank you very much, Waddles, I love my snuggly present, it fits perfectly . . . you are very thoughtful!

Fairy's Birthday Treats (12)

I expect this card is from you two – it’s a bit cheesy!

Fairy's Birthday Treats (16)

Here I am with my cards from Daddy Ernie, and my Grandma and Grandaddy! Look at Daddy’s jolly Birthday hat – it is HIS Birthday today too! Happy Birthday, Daddy Ernie!

Fairy and Ernie's cards (1)

Woooo – look at all my lovely cards and gifts – what a lucky girl I am.

Fairy's Birthday Treats (20)

Ha ha! Yes Minty! It IS comfy, isn’t it? Now, don’t get too comfy – the colour does nothing for you!

Fairy's Birthday Treats (42)

I am modelling this lovely new Cuddle Cup, my present from Mummy and Daddy! This yellow fleece complements MY sunny disposition perfectly!

Fairy's New Cuddle Cup (8)

It’s really cosy and looks smashing with my special celebratory Fairy Bunting.

Right everybody – after three. One, Two, THREE . . .

Fairy's New Cuddle Cup (7)

Happy Birthday to you,

Happy Birthday to yooou,

Happy Birthday, dear Fairy . . . .

Happy Birthday to YOU!

Happy BD from us all (2)

Gosh even Mariella was singing in tune. That carrot cake smells lovely.

Aw! Thanks again everybody, you have made a very small little Piggy, very, VERY happy!

It has been the best Birthday EVER!

Fairy's Birthday Treats (37)

Err, is it teatime yet?

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  1. Aww – Happy Birthday darling little piggy.
    What a lovely series of pics and what a happy life she has.

  2. Happy Birthday, Fairy! Have a great day . . . pleased to see Minty and Monty are back and i love your presents!

  3. Happy Birthday dear Fairy!!! What a wonderful year you’ve had. You’re such a special little piggy you’ve deserved every single moment.

    How lovely that the mice made it back for your special day and even better to bring a basket of goodies 😀

  4. Happy birthday sweet girl. I’m glad you had a great day.

    Happy birthday to Daddy Ernie also.

  5. Happy Birthday sweet little Fairy. Looks like you had a great time. Lots of nice decorations, tasty treats and good friends. Gentle squeeze to you little one.

  6. Happy Birthday for yesterday, fairy! We loved all your new things and what a great basket of treats from those mices! Many, many happy returns little sweetie!

  7. :-), Love the pics and the story, even better that Minty and Monty brought back a present. Oh these mices know the way to Fairy’s heart.

    What a fantastic year of stories you have given us Fairy, all these adventures for a little piggy girl. I hope you continue your adventures over the next year and give us all lots of smiles.

    Bless You. I know you had a special day yesterday and hope you are still enjoying your presents and hugs. 🙂

  8. Happy Birthday Fairy,
    hoping you had a great time!
    the royal pigs

  9. Happy birthday fairy! Looks like you had a great day!
    ‘Wheek Wheek’

  10. Thanks very much, Laura! Fairy sends some ‘wheeeks’ back!

    Thank you, theroyalpiggies! I know how hectic life is with you and it means so much that you dropped by to wish Fairy Happy Birthday. Sending lots of special piggy wishes to your special ‘whites’ 🙂

    Aw Wendi! We are so pleased to hear Minty and Monty’s salad basket made you happy! I am sure Fairy has lots of adventures up her . . . sleeve-fur!

    Thanks ffleur, Fairy received her gentle squeeze!

    I bet Daddy Ernie had a fantastic day too, Bugsmom! he has a lovely home and family 🙂

    Oh that is lovely, Alimouse! Thanks so much 🙂

    Thanks everyone!

  11. We know these Birthday wishes are very late Fairy but we are so very happy to see you enjoying your special day we just wanted to wish you well. We love the pictures and it’s great to see you looking so happy. We hope you had a lovely day. Special hugs from all the residents here at Little Brambles. x x x x x

  12. Thank you very much, Little Brambles! I am so pleased to ‘see’ you here . . . it will be around a year ago we spoke about the babies we’d just got (one of which was Fairy, of course)! I was so grateful for your help at that time!!
    All good wishes to you and your guineas, Mildred xxx

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