Come Into The Garden!

As I have some film left in the camera, due to having to dash back unexpectedly from ‘our’ honeymoon, I have decided to take you on a special guided tour round a bit of my garden.

First stop is our Clubhouse. It is fitted out with a gigantic fridge, containing the worlds largest Salad Crisper department. The Club House combines state of the art Piggy-o-matic cumfortatory devices – cuddle cups, huts and tunnels a’ plenty. A place to meet, eat, sleep and play (but mostly eat). Can you see me? I am atop Big Mavis!

Fairy tour round the garden (4)

On to one of the most important bits now – The Vegetable and Salad Bed. We grow our own sweetcorn, parsley and lettuce and other smelly herb like things. We also have raspberries and apples. A small area is set aside for potato growing – goodness knows why because I can’t stand them myself. Waste of good salad growing space if you ask me . . .

Fairy on tour round the garden WF (2)

These are the extra tasty baby sweetcorn plants. Not very big, are they? Hardly worth the effort! Mummy says they will grow big in time (not if I can get to have a go at them first they won’t).

Fairy on tour round the garden WF (1)

That is Daddy’s garden spade propped up against the cow shed wall. He says he gets a bad back digging, I wonder why?

Fairy on tour round the garden WF (3) 

  That is the way into the cow shed, where we go on hot days – it is very cool in there. The beehive doesn’t have bees IN it . . .

Fairy on tour round the garden NF (6)

. . . although we DO have lots of buzzy bees dotted around the plants. This one is finding pollen in the lupins.

020610 (7)

That is Big Wilma tucking into a helping of fresh chives behind me. And her carrot is against the wall. Tastes a bit woody if you ask me.

Fairy on tour round the garden WF (4)

Here I am in front of the Pig Sty now, in a very special place. It is Mavis’s Memorial Garden. We keep it filled with pretty flowers all year round.

Fairy tour round the garden (13)

No! We don’t have a REAL porky-pig! We have Percy! Mummy, don’t I look brave?

Fairy Percy (1) 

This is the flower border.

Fairy tour round the garden (1)

It goes all the way along the back of the lawned area of the garden.

Fairy tour round the garden (8)

We like to romp here when it is nice and warm and sunny! But not when it is wet or too hot.

On the lawn again (11)

Sometimes Albert the blackbird joins us! Mummy feeds him by hand – good job he doesn’t like salad.

Garden blackbird110510 (4)

This is me on the lawn looking very small and extra cute. This photo was taken from the far end of the garden which is very high up.

Fairy tour round the garden (9)

I love this bit – I can hide from Marigold and Mariella here and eat my mid morning snack.

Fairy tour round the garden (10)

Meet Gordon! Daddy trims his fur even more often than mummy trims Marigold’s curly locks. Looks like he is due another short back and sides soon!

Fairy tour round the garden (11)b

The back of the house is interesting. The walls have . . .

Fairy on tour round the garden WF (9)

. . . pigs fitted in!

Fairy on tour round the garden NF (18)

I am going to meet up with the rest of the gang in the Clubhouse now – it is well past my lunch time!


Fairy tour round the garden (15)


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  1. Mildred – that was exceptional. Fairy is very lucky to have such a beautiful garden to romp in. You have portrayed her world wonderfully.

  2. What a wonderful world Fairy lives in! Your garden is beautiful Mildred, my corn is about the same size, just more of it.Loved the virtual tour, Fairy makes a wonderful guide. Very interesting wall.

  3. You have a stunning garden Mildred, it must take so much work. Fairy and friends are very lucky to live there. Lovely to have a Fairy-eye view and have to agree with Wendi that Fairy makes a great tour guide 🙂

  4. Ah, this is exactly how I picture an English country garden. All gorgeous colours, tidy green, green lawns and eccentrics little accents (like the pigs in the walls and the giant spade). I love the big scuptures and especially the toadstool. Could Fairy be any cuter perched on Percy the Pig? Fairy is so tiny in those pictures. I had to enlarge and peer at them closely just to find our tiny hero. Thank you for the tour Miss Fairy.

  5. Oh thank you all so much! It was hard work, AliMouse, but now we have it all under control! It was a jungle when we came a few years ago and took a lot of work getting it to this stage. Now we can sit back and enjoy it – as if! There’s always a job!

    Thanks ffleur! Fairy does look tiny out there! She loves being able to romp on the lawn – when it is sunny and dry 🙂

    Thanks for commenting – I love reading all your comments 🙂

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