Honeymoon cut short – shock!

We have had such a lovely honeymoon. I have kept an eye on the newly weds and we have gone everywhere together. I will be sending more pics soon so everyone can see what we’ve been up to. However, it seems we are returning home a bit early though, ready for my Big Birthday on Friday. Minty and Monty say that Mummy has arranged a big party for me with lots of presents and tasty nibbles; so I am really sorry Minty and Monty but the honeymoon will just have to finish early!

Now then where are those pesky love-mice? They sent me along early to reserve the seat but they will have to hurry otherwise they might miss the bus. I can’t imagine how they would cope without me to organise everything for them!

Greyhound bus

Oh dear! They are leaving it a bit late, the driver has started the engine. Lucky I managed to get a nice comfy seat. When do they come around with the snacks?

Greyhound bus seat

Bye bye Fairy – see you back in Appleby! Right Minty – it’s just you and me now – at last!

Fairy leaving, on the road

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  1. oh ho!
    Tricky Minty & Monty!
    I love the pictures. Especially that Fairy has her cuddle cup on the bus seat. Afterall, she must look after her comfort. A nap may be required.

  2. Hello Fairy,
    we are very big fans of you. We have a blog kind of like yours, but about us.

    We hope you like it, and please tell us what you think.

    The Royal Piggies

  3. another fantastic story, Fairy is very funny. Thanks.

  4. This is very funny, I love the look on Fairy’s face peeping round the bus door! I love this Blog!

  5. You sneaky meeces! Nice to see Fairy snuggled up in her snuggle cup on the bus and I’m soooo looking forward to Friday 🙂

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