Wish You Were Here! The Honeymoon – Part 1

As you know, I am accompanying Minty and Monty on their honeymoon. I am taking the important role of Chief Photographer and Reporter. ! I knew I would come in useful.

Fairy gets the camera lined up (1)

Here are the happy couple! Minty and Monty have packed their bag and are off on the holiday of a lifetime! Smile, say ‘cheese’!

Visiting some gardens (1)

That is our hotel for the night. We will book in later.

Bag packed and they're off (4)

We are going sightseeing this morning. This is a nice street!

Lincoln visit (7)

Yummy! Those chocs look rather tempting, Minty, and is that a chunk of cheese on the right? We won’t go in though – there doesn’t appear to be any salad for sale!

Lincoln visit (1)

Wow! The Cathedral is so tall!

Lincoln visit (3)

After a scrumptious lunch of cheese toasties and salad, off we went to the park to climb some trees. I was in charge of the camera so you can’t actually see me in action! Careful, Minty, hold on tight!

Tree climb (1)

Well done! You are almost at the top!

Hang on Minty, I’ll reach a paw down and help you. I’ll just put my camera down.

Tree climb (3) 

Minty and Monty enjoyed the tree climb so much they went in for some ‘free climbing’. Look – no rope! They are so brave. I didn’t fancy taking part but it was good fun watching.

Tree palm climbing (3)

Careful you two! It’s very high indeed.

Fairy gets the camera lined up (5)

After a snack we went for a tour round the gardens. Minty! Monty! Smile please!

Visiting some gardens (2)

What gorgeous flowers.

Visiting some gardens 2 (2)

Pretty yellow ones, too.

Visiting some gardens (10)

Oops!I This isn’t right – I  seem to have lost the knack of using the camera.

Visiting some gardens 2 (3)b

Oh, crikey . . . I seem to have too many Minty and Monty’s.

Visiting some gardens (8)b

Flippin’ camera . . . did anyone think to bring the instruction book do you know?

Fairy gets the camera lined up (4)

Is this any better? I just can’t quite get the right angle.

Visiting some gardens 2 (4)b

Oh dear me, it’s facing the wrong way round now.

Fairy flower power (10) 

Phew! That’s better! Sorry about that!

Visiting some gardens (2)

Come on then, it is time to go to the hotel. And supper!

Visiting some gardens (3)

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  1. Such brave little mice Minty and Monte are! The pictures are as adorable as ever and I love the one with Fairy chewing on the camera : ) Are those flowers in your backyard Mildred? They are scrumptous. Wow!!

  2. Thanks very much, BugsMom! Yes! The garden photos were taken in our garden – it is looking really pretty at present!

  3. I wish I was there too! It looks absolutely beautiful 🙂

    Mildred, your garden is stunning, although I must admit I thought Monty and Minty were climbing palms in the Bahamas!!

    I love the expression on Fairy’s face, makes me smile every time.

  4. Fairy, I can’t keep up with you! You are light years ahead of me. 🙂

  5. The garden looks lovely and Fairy is doing a superb job with her camera!

  6. Great photos and story telling, Mildred. The captions go so well with the photos and Fairy’s expressions. I love the camera angle on the climbing photos – it does look quite precarious climbing up!

    Love the garden and all the beautiful flowers!

  7. Aw Thanks very much everyone!

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