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Everything In The Garden’s Fairy!

Hello! I am over here! In amongst the daisies – they are white, just like me, and almost as pretty!

Fairy Daisy Best (1)

They smell lovely but I know they are not edible!

Fairy Daisy Best (4)

They are very comfy to sit on. I think I may just take a nap.

Fairy Daisy (6)


Why Is Everything So BIG?!

*Fairy shouting* Errr, ‘scuse me . . . I’m over here!

Everything in the garden is so big! Even with Marigold and Mariella’s help, I will not be able to eat this huge carrot.

Garden 160510 (10)

And just look at Big Wilma! Did you ever see such a big guinea pig?

Garden 160510 (14)

I am down here now. Squirrel Nutkin is SO TALL!

Garden 160510 (5)

Big Mavis seems even bigger than the biggest thing ever!

Garden 160510 (19)

Is it me that is small, or everything else that is big?

It all takes some thinking about. [Fairy philosophises for a little while]

Garden 160510 (6)

Hum . . . well . . . errr . . . yes! I see! I’ve got it! Hum!

Is it teatime now? All that thinking has made me hungry!

Garden 160510 (8)


A Clean Pair Of Heels!

Sunny day. Guineas on the lawn. And this is what they get up to!

Hello, Marigold, are you coming with me? I am going exploring.

On the lawn again (1)

C’mon you two, keep up! Humph – this is a bit of a dead end!

On the lawn again (10)

Shhhh, I am going to sneak over here now . . .

On the lawn again (5)

. . . into third gear, squeeze the accelerator and  . . .  whoosh! I’ll show those two a clean pair of heels.

On the lawn again (6)

That was brilliant fun! Who is that hiding under the fleece over there? I am going to creep up . . .

On the lawn again (8)

. . . and JUMP on her!! Crumph!!!

On the lawn again (4)

Tee hee – that was fun! Now, where is my Tea????

On the lawn again (9)


Shop Till You Drop!

Fairy accompanied Minty and Monty to the local soft furnishings store, ‘Sew Mouse’, yesterday. With her impeccable taste Minty is keen to to find the finest linens and fabrics to be made into curtains and such like for their stylish new home.

Here we are then! An abundance of gorgeous fabrics. Looks like we could be here for quite some time!

Choosing fabrics etc (1)

What beautiful mattresses and blankets!

Choosing fabrics etc (18)

*whispering* I’m paying, Minty, so choose anything you like . . . as long as we have enough cash left to buy lunch . . . I am feeling rather peckish already.

Choosing fabrics etc (4)

Hahaha! I love this pink eiderdown! You have great taste, Minty!

Choosing fabrics etc (2)b

And will you look at these silk ribbons! Do they do them in green?

Choosing fabrics etc (5)

Hum . . . I quite like the one on the right . . . . but . . . . the other one is nice too!

Choosing fabrics etc (10)

And this blue spotty cushion is just right for me to relax on!

Is that mattress squashy enough, Minty?

Choosing fabrics etc (8)

We’ll take them all please. Can you wrap them and get them delivered to ‘The Mouse House’? Thank you!

I really am very hungry now . . . . we must have been browsing for at least an hour!

Choosing fabrics etc (6) 

Oh dear! What has happened to Monty?

Choosing fabrics etc (15)

Hum . . . . he’s still breathing. I think he’s nodded off!

Choosing fabrics etc (16)

C’mon Monty! Wakey, wakey! We have finished now and it’s time for a smackeral.

 Choosing fabrics etc (17)

I don’t think Monty quite enjoyed the trip to the soft furnishings store, Minty! It is more of a ‘girlie’ thing after all!

Choosing fabrics etc (26)b

The Mouse House is going to be amazing! And it’s not long now to The Wedding. I am so excited . . . . and HUNGRY. Can we get our dinner, NOW!

Choosing fabrics etc (25)

More ‘Mouse Tales’ may be found in ‘HELLO! Piggy’, Fairy’s fantastic magazine, available via Fairy’s Free Downloads. Or to read through all the Tales here on the Blog, go to Fairy’s Index page and select ‘Mouse Tales’ from the Blog Post Categories.



Have you looked at the hedge in your garden recently and thought how characterless and unexciting it looks? A monotonous stretch of repetitious green – if you are lucky! Many garden hedges are threadbare and unkempt. Regular. Conventional. A barrier between your garden and your neighbour. Boring, dull, lifeless! Functional, unexceptional, middling and ‘hedge-like!

What you need is a Hedge Carving! When my ‘topiary-handy’ hubby asked what creature I would like to see in our hedge I suggested a pig. Naturally I was thinking something along the lines of this little madam:

Fairy on grass (4)flip

What I got was THIS! We call him ‘Gloucester’!

Hedge carvings (5)

We also have a Mavis-face. Mavis herself had a very distinct white mask and here it is reproduced in full bushy green colour – in a hedge!

Hedge carvings (1)

And ever the romantic, he created a heart hedge!

Hedge carvings (3)

I haven’t ever seen anything quite like them before and I think they are magical! All we need now is a spare hedge to create a Fairy carving!

Hedge carvings (2)