The Wedding Of Araminta and Montmorency Mouse!

Welcome to the wedding of Fairy’s close friend, the beautiful international model Araminta Mouse, to the esteemed Mouse about town Montmorency Mouse.

It seems like yesterday that Fairy played matchmaker, accompanying the pair on their very first date, going along to make sure Minty didn’t forget the chocolates on Valentine’s Day,  and being there at the actual moment our hero, Monty, popped the question!

After an enjoyable family dinner with Minty’s parents, the couple finally chose their new home, with Fairy’s help of course.

And now the Big Day has arrived!

Fairy is here to tell you all about it . . .

Here’s Minty with her parents in my garden posing for a family portrait earlier this morning. Minty couldn’t wait to don her wedding gown – and no wonder! Her embroidered silk dress with close fitted wrap style bodice in gold, flowing train and attractive veil, looks stunning! Designed by the talented designer and upcoming star, Mildred Mouse-Couture, it is certain to be on all the fashion show mousewalks this season!

The proud parents, The Rt Hon Plantagenet and Primrose Big-Mouse are thrilled to bits about the wedding. ‘Monty is a very suitable young mouse, a very decent sort. He is joining the company too, you know,’ commented Plantagenet. ‘We are simply delighted,’ said Primrose, ‘It really is a marvellous occasion. Do you like my hat?’

1 Family Group in daisies  (3)

Your frock is truly amazing, Minty! I hope Marigold and Mariella, your Bridesmaids, can help you to steer the train. Now, don’t forget to smile at the camera and say cheese a lot!

Grab your bouquet and let’s be off!

1 Family Group in daisies  (4)

Come on then! Let’s get a move on. We don’t want to keep Monty waiting at the altar – well, not for too long anyway! It’s a lovely morning for a ride in the Fairy Carriage.

1 Arriving at church (8)

Oh look at the crowds! Don’t forget to give them a gracious wave.

‘Hello!’ ‘Yes, beautiful!’ ‘Thank you!’

1 Arriving at church (3)

Now, where are those bridesmaids . . .

1 Arriving at church (5)

Oh jolly good, there you are! What lovely fur coats you are wearing!

11 Leaving church  (20)

We’re here now! I’ll get out and help you dismount, Minty. We don’t want you tripping up over your hem now do we?

1 Arriving at church (7)b

Morning, Mr Plantagenet sir. Lovely day for it. Err, can I have a quiet word? Minty is feeling a little nervous . . . her whiskers are all trembly and she says she has little butterflies in her tummy. I think she feels trapped! It has all got a bit much. Perhaps a light snack would help?

3 A word with Daddy (5)

Thank you for calming Minty down Mr Plantagenet, you have been a great help. Everything is going to be just fine.

I will go and make sure everyone is ready and in their place! No peeping, Monty!

3 A word with Daddy (1)

Marigold, Mariella, can you check Minty’s train and take care of her bouquet? Mrs Primrose ma’am, can you and Plantagenet come forward to join us at the altar? Quickly please – there is such a lot to do! Guests . . . . we are starting now. Please check that your mobile phones are turned off! Right!

6 The bridesmaids (1)

We are ready for Araminta and Montmorency to tie the knot!

Make sure you get the words right, Reverend Mr Bear! Oh, I do hope he hasn’t been at the sherry!

5 At the altar (1)

What’s that Rev Mr Bear? Do speak up! The Ring . . . . what RING?

Oh no, THE RING? Gulp!

7 The ceremony (5)

Oooooo Mariella, Fairy has lost The Ring! She is usually so well organised.

Pity you’re not wearing your tummy button ring! They could have used that, Marigold!!

6 The bridesmaids (8)

Excuse me Plantagenet sir, we seem to have a small problem. I would appear that I have misplaced the ring . . .

5 At the altar (2)b.

Err . . . . I won’t be a moment! I just need to go and be on my own for a while.

You carry on without me . . . sing a hymn or something.

7 The ceremony (1)

Let’s look for it, Mariella! It can’t have gone far . . .

6 The bridesmaids (6)

. . . I’ve found it! Fairy, come back, it’s all going to be okay.

6 The bridesmaids (7)b

Well done, Marigold! You have saved the day.

The wedding is back on! Has anyone seen Reverend Mr Bear? Did you hide that sherry, Mariella?

8 Done! (2)b.

Shhhh now . . . it is their big moment . . .

‘I now pronounce you Mouse and Mouse!’ announces Rev Mr Bear, reverendly!

6 Mouse and wife!

Well done! Thank you, Rev Mr Bear. You did a great job! And such a lovely service.

7 The ceremony (18)

Congratulations everyone! Didn’t it go well?

8 Done! (3)

Come along . . . it’s traditional that we cover you with flower-petal confetti!

No, I have no idea why either!

9 Confetti (2)b

It is time to make our way to the carriage. This way, look sharp.

8 Done! (7)

We are setting off for the reception now! See you all there!

11 Leaving church  (10)

Bye bye everyone – see you back at my house for the next bit. Can someone tidy up all that confetti please?

11 Leaving church  (3)

Oh Minty, you were wonderful. I am so proud of you.

I don’t suppose you brought any food with you did you?

11 Leaving church  (34)

‘Don’t sniff Plantagenet. You are not loosing a daughter, you are gaining a son.’

‘I know – that’s why I am crying!’

11 Leaving church  (26)

Gosh – that was exciting. We have all had such a wonderful time!

I’ll get my paw down – I’m starting to feel more than a little peckish. I can’t wait for the buffet!

11 Leaving church  (33)

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  1. Wow, wow and thrice WOW! That is BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Fabulous Wedding of the Year pics and story 🙂 Really brilliant.

  3. It’s really good, I love the photos and the captions, its really funny. hope to see the reception soon. thanks!!!!!

  4. Congratulations Minty and Monty!!!

    That’s was brilliant, I’ve have been looking forward to it all day 🙂

    Thanks for inviting us Fairy xx

  5. That is an exceptional post! The amount of detail is incredible. Minty’s dress looks “designer”! You have once again captured the character and spirit of GP’s beautifully, particularly Fairy – who deserves her own TV show! Well done Mildred and thanks for bringing some much needed wit and good humour into our world.

  6. heheheheh!
    That was a wonderful and witty wedding Mildred. I totally loved every bit of it. From the lovely carriage, to the veiled bride, to the bossy Fairy, to the “save the day” Marigold – it was all brilliant and fun!

  7. Thank you all for your lovely comments! We loved creating the wedding and Fairy was such a little star! She tells the story with her expressions and posing!
    Thanks again, I love to read your comments, you are so encouraging 🙂

  8. I just had to look and read through this again. This time admiring the fashions: Auntie Pearl’s pearls were perfect, mother-in-law’s hat was suitably huge and fashionable while Minty’s wedding gown and veil was very stylish. I loved the way you tied the gold in a bow and the way it fell down evenly below the veil. Very pretty. Mildred Mouse-Couture will surely take off now.

  9. Such beautiful photos – Fairy, your mum should write a book about you & all your adventures xx 🙂

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