Fairy Flower Power!

The wedding preparations are well under way. Fairy has done an outstanding job as ‘event organizer’, planning everything with meticulous attention down to the last detail. We expect the big day to go without a hitch!

This morning Fairy went for a wander round the garden in search of suitable flowers.

Wow! Look at these ‘pinks’!

Fairy flower power (14)


Hum . . . maybe they are a little bit too PINK!

Fairy flower power (20)


These are nice though . . . very delicate . . .

Fairy flower power (7) 


. . . and they smell gorgeous! Phoof!!

Fairy flower power (12) 


Haha! These are almost as tall as me!

Fairy flower power (22)


I know . . . I AM only little!

Fairy flower power (25) 


Oh yes, these are perfect. They will make nice hats! I think this one rather suits me.

Fairy flower power (3)


We’ll take them all please!

Fairy flower power (5)

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  1. these photos are amazing, I love Fairy!!!!!

  2. Personally I think the pink and white flowers would make a stunning bouquet for Minty to carry. Is Minty wearing white for her wedding?

  3. Mildred, your flowers are gorgous. And tiny Fairy amidst them makes for perfect pictures. I love how she goes “Phoof!!” I guess some of the pollen goes up her little nose.

    Can’t wait until she turns one. It will be such a big accomplishment for our tiny hero.

    Your plea more more peegs on CO worked. Actually I went back and looked through “pocket pets” and found quite a few QP’s over the past although not nearly as much as hamsters and cats.

    Now back to Fairy….and will she paint her nails for the big day?

  4. Minty ‘may’ be wearing white, Bugs Mom! But I couldn’t possibly confirm this 🙂 Not long until we find out!

    Thanks, ffleur! I am excited about Fairy’s Birthday too – June 11th – not long to go! Fairy invited Cute overload to the wedding – I hope they can come 🙂

    Thanks, furzone, we love her too!!

  5. Beautiful pictures 🙂 I can’t believe Fairy is almost a year old!

    Can’t wait for the wedding x

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