Wedding Invitation!

Minty and Monty are getting married! What promises to be THE wedding of the year will take place on Friday, 28th of May. After a long engagement, in mouse terms, of almost 3 months, the couple have decided to tie the knot!

Fairy has been a great help planning and organising the wedding as well as assisting her friends in their hunt for a suitable mouse house for them to live in after they are married.

The wedding, which promises to be an extravagant affair, will take place at the Mouse’s local church with a sumptuous luncheon and garden party to follow in Fairy’s very own garden.

After the wedding, it is rumoured that the happy couple of mice will go on a month long Grand Tour. Fairy, naturally, will not be going along to keep them company. Instead, she will remain at home ready to collect the many post cards she expects to receive from far flung places that she has never heard of.

Well known faces are likely to be among the attending family and guests, including of course The Rt Hon Plantagenet and Primrose Big-Mouse, Minty’s parents. Peregrine and Pandora Mouse will be there as Best Mouse and Mouse of Honour respectively. And the latest news is that Marigold and Mariella will take the role of Bridesmaid-pigs.

Here’s your invite!


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  1. I have some English peas that are coming in beautifully now. I would be willing to shell them then donate to the fantastic salads I’m sure will be at the Wedding reception.

  2. A grand tour of Europe sounds wonderful. What a lovely “honeymouse”.
    All your plans have been exquisite Mildred. Can’t wait to see the pictures of the “wedding of the year”.

  3. Such a fancy evite! Did Fairy create it? It certainly sounds like something she would come up with, dainty little thing 🙂

  4. Mildred and Fairy, I love this site. It’s so magical and lovely to see Fairy looking so beautiful and happy, an the other piggies too of course!
    Ali (Mouse from the hedgehog forum) xx

  5. Ooo! Alimouse! I am so pleased to see you here 🙂 And thank you for your comments, Fairy is blushing!

    Yes! Fairy had a paw in the design, bytxlaura. She is so excited about the wedding now though, she can sit still for 5 seconds! She really has such a lot to organise!

    Yippee! Garden peas, yum. Thanks, Bugsmom!

    We are looking forwards to the postcards from their ‘honeymouse’ too, ffleur! I am a bit worried how Minty and Monty will cope without Fairy though!

    Only 3 days to the wedding!!!!!

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