Why Is Everything So BIG?!

*Fairy shouting* Errr, ‘scuse me . . . I’m over here!

Everything in the garden is so big! Even with Marigold and Mariella’s help, I will not be able to eat this huge carrot.

Garden 160510 (10)

And just look at Big Wilma! Did you ever see such a big guinea pig?

Garden 160510 (14)

I am down here now. Squirrel Nutkin is SO TALL!

Garden 160510 (5)

Big Mavis seems even bigger than the biggest thing ever!

Garden 160510 (19)

Is it me that is small, or everything else that is big?

It all takes some thinking about. [Fairy philosophises for a little while]

Garden 160510 (6)

Hum . . . well . . . errr . . . yes! I see! I’ve got it! Hum!

Is it teatime now? All that thinking has made me hungry!

Garden 160510 (8)

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  1. Aww – that was delightful! Fairy looks so tiny and helpless yet full of personality and courage. And when everything gets too complicated – have some nibbles. What a clever girl.

  2. Those statues are just amazing. It looks as though they might have been done by the same person. Fairy adds a touch of class to anything she stands/sits on : )

  3. Oh my goodness 🙂 She looks so tiny next to the giant carrot! She is always so well-behaved!

  4. The giant carrot reminds of the Woody Allen movie “Sleeper”. Remember those giant celery?

    I like how Fairy thinks…..of food!

  5. Welcome, bytxlaura 🙂 I loved how tiny Fairy looked! She is such a poser!!

    Oh yes! ffleur, the giant celery WAS hilarious!

    The chainsaw carvings were all done by a wonderful man. Mick lives about 25 miles away and delivered each and every one in a reinforced van! He has a website: http://www.chainsawsculpture.co.uk

    Thanks, MagicalMarvels. Food is very important to EVERY guinea pig!

  6. I love the carrot, Fairy just looks so tiny sitting on it.Great pics as ever.

  7. The second last pic of Fairy on the carrot, her little hair on the top of her head is all sticking up AWWW

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