A Clean Pair Of Heels!

Sunny day. Guineas on the lawn. And this is what they get up to!

Hello, Marigold, are you coming with me? I am going exploring.

On the lawn again (1)

C’mon you two, keep up! Humph – this is a bit of a dead end!

On the lawn again (10)

Shhhh, I am going to sneak over here now . . .

On the lawn again (5)

. . . into third gear, squeeze the accelerator and  . . .  whoosh! I’ll show those two a clean pair of heels.

On the lawn again (6)

That was brilliant fun! Who is that hiding under the fleece over there? I am going to creep up . . .

On the lawn again (8)

. . . and JUMP on her!! Crumph!!!

On the lawn again (4)

Tee hee – that was fun! Now, where is my Tea????

On the lawn again (9)

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  1. Fantastic set of pics, and what a clean pair of heels. I love the one when she is sneeking up, she is crouched down like a tiger.

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