Have you looked at the hedge in your garden recently and thought how characterless and unexciting it looks? A monotonous stretch of repetitious green – if you are lucky! Many garden hedges are threadbare and unkempt. Regular. Conventional. A barrier between your garden and your neighbour. Boring, dull, lifeless! Functional, unexceptional, middling and ‘hedge-like!

What you need is a Hedge Carving! When my ‘topiary-handy’ hubby asked what creature I would like to see in our hedge I suggested a pig. Naturally I was thinking something along the lines of this little madam:

Fairy on grass (4)flip

What I got was THIS! We call him ‘Gloucester’!

Hedge carvings (5)

We also have a Mavis-face. Mavis herself had a very distinct white mask and here it is reproduced in full bushy green colour – in a hedge!

Hedge carvings (1)

And ever the romantic, he created a heart hedge!

Hedge carvings (3)

I haven’t ever seen anything quite like them before and I think they are magical! All we need now is a spare hedge to create a Fairy carving!

Hedge carvings (2)

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  1. fantastic & utterly beautiful!!!

  2. wow – those hedge sculptures look amazing. It was hard to believe they weren’t Photoshop creations! You have created a truly magical and inspirational Fairyland that we can only gaze at in wonder. Are you open to the public at all?

  3. Thanks Victoria 🙂

    Thank you GardenGems. I love the term ‘Fairyland’! We do have an open day, along with several other gardens locally, in July. More details may be found on the village website (appleby-lincolnshire.co.uk) Thanks!

  4. What great hedges you have! Your husband is very talented.

  5. Aw! Thanks, BugsMom, he will be delighted to hear that 🙂

  6. I have never seen anything like that outside of Disney world, where they just have a 3d model of whatever they’re trying to make.

    That’s Awesome.

  7. I meant to say ‘thank you’, MapleOwl18!
    And Happy Birthday to you 🙂

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