Life On Earth, and beyond!

Fairy enjoys very deep, satisfying sleeps! Her ears can be seen twitching, her toes jigging and she makes tiny little squeak noises – I always hope she is having a nice dream and not a nightmare.

Errr, where am I then? It feels as though I am on another planet. The ground is all hard and there isn’t any grass!

Fairy in focus (4)

Hellooooo! Is there anyone out there?

Fairy in focus (2)

I don’t like it . . .

Fairy in focus (3)

. . . it feels all funny underfoot.

Fairy in focus (7)

Come and get me NOW!

Fairy in focus (6)

‘It is ok Fairy, it was all a bad dream! You are back home now, safe and sound.’

Fairy in focus (14)

Oh! Thank goodness! Terra firma! Is there any grass, please? I am feeling rather peckish!

Fairy in focus (13)

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  1. Hilarious! we loved this fairy story. especially her toes!!

  2. How the heck did you get that to look like the moon?

    Is that a rock in your garden with redcolored moss?

    That looks awesome.

  3. Hi MapleOwl18, thanks! Gosh, does it really look like the moon?!!
    *whisper* Don’t tell anyone but it is a ‘staddle stone’ in the garden with a liberal covering of interesting moss and craters – just perfect for Fairy to fit on! The moss greens up when we get rain, or water it! I love moss 🙂

  4. Fairy has a hilarious “harruph” look on her face when the giant hand decends. Too funny. She is just so precious. And love the greens and flowers.

  5. Meant to add: (in the “hand” picture) Fairy looks like a disapproving bunny.

    re her dreams: bet she is tap-dancing and singing in those dreams.

  6. I was showing this to a friend – we both agreed it is just amazing! Fairy is so characterful. I love her Blog and check in every day to see if there are new photos!!!!!!!! I have enjoyed looking at the older posts too. They are very funny in some cases!!!!

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