Big Piggy Birthdays!

Big Birthdays are not so bad after all! I am having a really wonderful day – on this my BIG Birthday! Lots of beautiful cards, surprise presents and yummy scrummy things to eat. I have received lots of Happy Birthday wishes from people I have never met but who I am proud to call friends. People I’ve ‘met’ through various forums, Facebook and of course, Fairy’s Blog! Thank you ALL! You have all made my day even more special.

I am spending the day with my lovely, generous and thoughtful husband, plus our three gorgeous girls, Marigold, Mariella and Fairy. It is Magic! Thank you, Ian x

I was reminded of some Birthday cakes we made a few years ago when Guinea Culture Blog asked me if they could use the photos of the cakes on their Blog (yes!) and so I decided today was a good day to add them to Fairy’s Blog too.

Mavis and Mabel were our lovely girls and the inspiration for these cakes.

Birthday Piggies

You can hardly tell which are the real piggies and which are the cakes!

Birthday Piggy Cakes BP RI

The cakes were so lovely it proved very difficult to slice into them! We managed it though. Look! Jam sponge cake! Scrumptious!

Ian and his Birthday cakes (14)

Mavis looked good enough to eat!

Z Mavis slice 1

To show solidarity with our piggy’s, my Birthday Cake this year is a cauliflower!

Lunch (3)

We had a lovely afternoon tea complete with cucumber, ham and salmon sandwiches, plus dainty cakes and a pot of Assam tea. This was part way through.

Lunch (1)

On your Birthday you are allowed to leave your crusts!


We also welcomed a new piggy into the fold. Meet Lloyd! A gift from a very special friend 🙂

Piggy bank! (3)

We had bunting too!

Bunting (7)

You may be wondering where Fairy fitted into the day . . . . well, she received a snugly new Cuddle Cup from Cavy Couture, so she felt special too!

‘Err, is it MY Birthday too?’

Fairy in Birthday Bed (2)

But it all got a bit too much for her – zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!

Fairy in Birthday Bed (4)

Happy Birthday everyone 🙂

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  1. Wow! That post really takes the cake LOL
    Happy Birthday Mildred, I hope you are having a super time today. I love the cakes above and am pleased Fairy got her new bed.

  2. A birthday tea is just the best idea! So elegant.
    Happy Hoppy Birthday Mildred. Glad you had a wonderful time.

  3. Fairy is just too cute all “crashed” in her new bed.

    I’m glad you had a great birthday. Did you make the cakes yourself? Rolled sugar frosting is always special.

  4. Oh, thank you! I had a smashing Birthday! Yes, we made those cakes, it was great fun! Handy that Mavis and Mabel were both quite orange 🙂

  5. […] made the Cath Kidston bunting for, and she was kind enough to put up a picture on her blog! Take a look… there’s also some great pictures of her Guinea Pig […]

  6. Mildred, your piggy cakes are fab – it must have been really difficult when you had to cut them!… Hope you had a lovely birthday this year too xx 🙂

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