Fairy Cakes!

I love Birthdays! Other peoples that is, not my own and especially NOT those BIG ones! I have one of ‘those’ tomorrow.

Fairy has a really big, special Birthday coming up. Her Birthday is on June 11th, she will be one. Fairy has decided she doesn’t want any presents and any cash she receives is going to a very important fund raiser for some very special little guinea pigs. It is all ‘hush hush’ at the moment but if anyone wants the details please email and I will send the secret link.

The best bit about Birthdays has got to be The Cake . . . especially when those cakes are ‘Fairy Cakes’.

It was hubby’s Big Birthday last year (I just thought I would remind you, sweetie!). Me and Fairy were busy the week before creating the perfect Fairy Cake. Mr Bear was on hand to ensure everything ran smoothly.

*small, worried squeaky voice* I feel really worried, Mr Bear, I haven’t ever made a Birthday Cake before!! I am simply bowled over by it all!

Baking Day getting ready to mix (1)

That’s better! We’ve got our ‘thinking caps’ on! We are on the case now!

Baking Day getting ready to mix (7)

There are some lovely cakes in the cook book but they just don’t seem quite right somehow, they are just too cakey.

Baking day deciding what to bake (8)

*whispering* what about if we make a nice big Fairy Cake, Mr Bear?

Baking day deciding what to bake (3)

C’mon! Let’s get a move on – look out Mr Bear, I need to get to the flour!

Baking day deciding what to bake (4)

Tralalaaaa! A real Fairy Cake – it looks just like me! Do you think the ears are big enough though?

Fairy 6 months old today with Mr Bear and cake (7)

Happy Birthday to yoooou! Happy Birthday to yooooooou! Happy Birthday dear Daddy . . . . Happy Birthday to YOU! Don’t forget to make a Fairy-wish!

Fairy Cake BP (4)

Ouch! That didn’t hurt a bit!

Cutting Fairy's cake (2)

Happy Piggy Birthday to everyone who has a Birthday today or tomorrow.

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  1. That cake is adorable. The picture of Mr. Bear being run over is cute too.

    A big Happy Birthday to you tomorrow BTW : )

  2. Oh thank you so much, Bugs Mom, that is really sweet of you 🙂

  3. Oh Happy Birthday Mildred – and what better present could there be than sharing it with Fairy? Lets hope she has developed her baking skills. She looked so lovely with Mr Bear though, even if she did bowl the poor chap over. Have a lovely day.

  4. Happy Birthday to you, have a lovely day Mildred.


  5. Thanks so much Wendi. I am having a smashing day! I received the most beautiful Guinea Piggy-bank from a very lovely and special friend. It made my day – along with the best guinea pig card ever!
    Have a great day too 🙂

  6. Happy birthday!! x

  7. *small, worried squeaky voice* – so perfect! Exactly how one would expect widdle Fairy to speak. Although when she needs to, she can be very confident and bossy. But only when needs be.

    I love the piggy cake with the party hat. So cute it would be difficult to cut into.

    Most excellent post Mz Mildred.

  8. Thanks, Victoria and ffleur! I love reading your comments!

  9. love it, its just gets better and better just so fairy knws my birthday is july 23rd, xxx

  10. Happy Birthday for the 23rd, David!

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