Bear Cuddles!

Fairy has always enjoyed being cuddled and enjoys many hours asleep nestling in her Daddy’s hands! Being blind and deaf has its compensations – there’s nothing to distract you. So once you are in a warm, safe and comfortable snuggle, it is easy to nod off.

Before last Christmas, Fairy proclaimed Pasquale Bear as officially the best cuddler in the world! He was soft and supportive, and never grew tired of pandering to Fairy’s cuddly demands.

However, it seems Fairy is fast becoming a little too portly for Pasquale’s lap.

Humph, this feels okay. Just so long as mummy photos us from down there.

Pasquale gives Fairy a hug (3)

Er, is it me imagining, or have your legs shrunk? What do you mean, your arm’s gone to sleep? Keep still, why don’t you.

Pasquale gives Fairy a hug (1)

That’s better! All cosy now! I think I will just take a . . . short . . . nap . . . . zzzzz!

Pasquale gives Fairy a hug (12)

Oh! Hello again!

It wasn’t always like this. I fitted perfectly back in August when I was little and new.

Oh, Pasquale, you’re so strong and brave. My Hero!

Fairy and Pasquale bear (2)

The moment Pasquale’s strong, furry arms wrapped securely around Fairy, she would fall fast asleep!

 Fairy and teddy 310809 (5)

Pasquale had to keep a firm grip of the sleeping Fairy . . . otherwise . . .

Fairy and her teddy, zzzzz (4)

. . . she had a tendency to slip down into a little squashy, snoozy heap!

Fairy and her teddy, zzzzz  G

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  1. awwww Fairy is too cute! She seems to fall asleep anywhere. she is lovely.

  2. Oh, I love fairy’s bear hugs :)))) xxxx

  3. aw…..
    I love her comments to Pasquale about “have your legs shrunk? What do you mean, your arm’s gone to sleep? Keep still, why don’t you.”

    Fairy has such a delightful character. And she is still a tiny scrap of piggy so it MUST be Pasquale’s fault.

    Great pictures and storyline Madam Mittens.

  4. Thanks furzone, Springer and ffleur!

    Fairy is a bossy little girl, ffleur! She may be small but she knows what she wants!

  5. Awww I had a guinea pig that also loved to nap in the arms of a teddy bear (I wasnt allowed to touch the bear at such times). He also grew up but he always loved his bear.
    Fairy delights us with her adventures and witty remarks, what a special girl she is.

  6. Thanks so much, Isabel Maas! Fancy you having a guinea that liked his teddy too!
    I am so pleased you are enjoying Fairy’s blog – we are enjoying helping her do it!

  7. It’s amazing how much Fairy has grown and how lovely that she still enjoys cuddles from Pasquale. Very funny comments from Fairy 🙂

    I put teddies in with sick or tiny hedgehogs as they like cuddles too.

  8. Aw that is really sweet, Alimouse! Lucky little hedgehogs having you to care for them 🙂

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