Weigh up!

Fairy is weighed regularly to ensure she is maintaining a healthy weight and not loosing any of those precious grams. With any guinea pig weight loss is a cause for worry, but with Fairy being very small at 680g, around half the size of a standard piggy, I would be doubly concerned – especially knowing she has ongoing teeth problems which could cause difficulties with eating.

Saturday was ‘weigh day’!

I hope Mummy doesn’t get muddled up and think I am a cake ingredient.

Weigh up Fairy 680g 010510  (2)

If I stand on my tip toes and look really tall does it make me heavier?

Weigh up Fairy 680g 010510  (1)

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  1. Fairy! You are wonderful. My family and I have spent most of their spare time over the Bank Holiday weekend Reading your Blog, right from the very first post and we’d like to thank you for providing hours of very happy entertainment.
    We have laughed and cried at your stories, tales, magazine and daily goings on. You are a little treasure, so genuinely honest, so caring.
    Thank you very, very much.

  2. ‘fraid not Punkin. You are still a tiny morsel.

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