Meet Mariella!

Mariella joined us in October 2009. A teeny squiff of baby guinea pig, with the biggest round eyes and squidgiest nose you ever did see!

Mariella is stunningly beautiful, wearing her gorgeous black, tan and white fur like some glamour model! She has a bold character to match! Mariella marched straight in through the door, selected the cosiest Cuddle Cup to relax in and after a short rest tucked in to a hearty snack! It was a special time for Fairy. She was no longer the baby of the family and at last, she had someone her own size to play with.

As well as her stunning good looks, Mariella has a brain to match. She has shown tremendous interest in anything new and is always the first to try out a new Cuddle Cup or Fleecy Tunnel.

Eight months old now, Mariella shows a special empathy with Fairy and although quite a zoomy and popcorning piggy herself, she is endlessly patient and understanding of Fairy doing her daily exercise routine of high-speed laps around the floor, allowing Fairy to bounce off her when she accidently takes the wrong route and bumps into Mariella!

Every Piggy has their own particular selection of likes and dislikes in the feeding department. Mariella it seems has forgotten about the dislikes! She loves everything! Whether it is cereals, fresh salad, veggies, hay or grass she always tucks-in determinedly. Like her step-sister, Marigold, it is safe to say she is inordinately fond of her food!

Here’s Fairy to introduce Mariella:

It’s ok Mariella, I’m your big sister, Fairy. I will look after you!

Fairy and Mariella B (1)

Mariella is so beautiful, she could be a model!

Mariella in spot bed (1)

I’m not too keen on sharing cuddle cups with Mariella now she’s bigger!

Piggies in the beds after bath with Fairy (7)

Is Mariella behaving herself? Sit UP, Mariella! You want to look nice for the camera.

The Team line up (13)

Here we are having our first ever ‘family’ Christmas together! We had a great time. Lots of presents and a lovely Christmas dinner, made all the more special with my new step sister, Mariella, as well as Marigold and our much loved friend, Matilda.

All the girls together Christmas 2009 (14)

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  1. Gosh what a sweetie Mariella is. She has more than a passing resemblance to Penelope Cruz! Or should that be the other way round??!!

  2. Mariella you are still an adorable teeny squiff. Such big eyes.

  3. Thanks, ffleur and MagicalMarvels! I love reading your comments 🙂

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