It’s Cold Enough For Snow!

Although May 1st was beautifully warm and sunny, today it is decidedly chilly here in our part of the UK. Fairy is safely snuggled up in her favourite Cuddle Cup enjoying a relaxing afternoon nap in the warm kitchen.

I have just returned from a brisk walk down the lane for ‘grass collecting’ purposes – it is far too cold for Guinea Pigs to be grazing on the lawn! In fact it feels cold enough for snow!

Fairy’s experience of the snow a few months ago was from the handy strategic positioning of a bowl full of fresh, clean white snow on the kitchen table!

Look! We’ve been busy building a snowman!

Fairy and Mr Bear build their snowman (5)

Mr Bear, there seems to be something missing . . .

Fairy and Mr Bear build their snowman snow scene

. . . Muuum! Can we have a hat for the snowman, please?

Fairy and Mr Bear build their snowman (11)

There! We all look very smart now!

Fairy and Mr Bear build their snowman (2)

Haha! Take THAT, Mr Bear!

Out for a walk 090110 (35)

Ow!! You got me!

Out for a walk 090110 (23)

C’mon! Will it go any faster?!

Fairy and Mr Bear on sledge (1)

All this playing has tired me out . . . . . zzzzz

Fairy in pink cuddle sack (9)

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  1. Awww, bless :))) I love seeing fairy playing in the snow 😀

  2. This is one of my favourite ‘Fairy Tales’ Love the snowmans hat!

  3. oh my!! Just too gorgeously cute to bear!

  4. Picture 6: Fairy sez “I have a code on da nose”

    Love the ruffled dessert cup hats. Too cute.

  5. Thanks! I am so please everyone likes the snow pictures, Fairy loved her first taste of snow too!
    Those little cake cups made perfect hats, ffleur;)

  6. That was hilarious! How did you manage to train Fairy to pose so perfectly????

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