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Celebration Dinner!

Pigidges, in London’s Hayfur, was the venue chosen by Plantagenet and Primrose Big-Mouse for a recent sumptuous dinner to celebrate the engagement of their daughter Araminta to Montmorency Mouse.

Family engagement dinner party (12)

Celebrated Chef Mark De’Salad, along with Sous-chef Loader Von Trap, created a special Commemorative Menu for the honoured guests.

Perusing the very posh a la carte menu, Fairy assists Minty and Monty to make the choicest of selections. Plantagenet and Primrose are thrilled to see their favourite dish is back on the menu – Cheese En Trap. This scrumptious dish consists of very mature cheddar cheese cut into intricate shapes, enveloped between 3 day old slices of posh bread and then toasted under a fiery hot grill. Served garnished with tasteful and succulent seasonal salads, such as Stuffed Cucumber, Lettuce Loaf and Plaited Grass. This is a dish certain to attract the most discerning mouse!

Family engagement dinner party (16)

For afters there was a choice of the huge cheese board or the mouth-watering specially created puddings which included Pigs in Blankets, Spotted Piglet, Jam Rolly Polly Piggy, Piglime Pie and Coconut Cavy Crunch.

‘Simply delish!’ squeed Araminta.

‘Fine and burp, sorry, dandy,’ pronounced Monty.‘It was ambrosial,’ sighed Fairy, in between very large mouthful’s of salad. ‘It was so good. My tummy feels almost satisfied! Maybe I could just manage another portion or six of Pump-pig Pie, please.’

Family engagement dinner party (43)

As the evening drew to a close, Fairy had a quiet word with The Parents before inviting herself to make a long and witty speech. ‘My Lords, Ladies, hic, Mice, Men, Montmorency and Araminta, honoured burp, piggies. Accustomed as I am to . . . . Oh, err, just a minute. Did someone say there was some of that lovely Lettuce Loaf leftover? ’scuse me, I’ll be back in a mo,’ Fairy announced as she made her brief address to the Top Table.

Family engagement dinner party (39)

She returned to finish her speech much later. Judging by her slurred words and rather florid pink ears it is rumoured she may have over indulged somewhat in the Chicory Punch department!

Family engagement dinner party (9)

The evening closed with a fine rendition of ‘For She’s A Jolly Good Piggy’, lots of very raucous cheering and much quaffing of Tomato Juice.

Monty Pops The Question!

‘It is a dream come true,’ exclaimed a breathless Araminta Mouse as she left The Eatalotto Ice Cream Parlour, arm in arm with her beau, Montmorency Mouse. ‘Oh, I was simply amazed when I spotted the huge sparkly diamond ring in the ice cream sundae! I thought I was going to faint!’

Hello everyone! I have joined my friends Minty and Monty for an ice cream –
a scoop of lettuce and tomato flavour for me please!

Best Monty Pops The Question! (5)

This is very nice, but wait a moment – what is THAT in the ice cream sundae?

Best Monty Pops The Question! (4)

Oh my gosh! Monty is getting down on one knee – I think he is going to propose . . . .

BEST Monty Pops The Question! (13)card

It’s an amazing ring, but will Minty like it?

Best Monty Pops The Question! (12)

While we await the answer, I will just sample the tasty delights.

Best Monty Pops The Question! (15)

Haha! She said YES!

BEST Monty Pops The Question! (16)card

How exciting – maybe we will see a summer wedding!

Best Monty Pops The Question! (21)

And So To Bed!

The girls got some new beds and huts recently. A perfect sunny day to sit out and enjoy their comfiness!

Bed testing in the sun (16)

Look at meeeeee!

Bed testing in the sun (9)

Peep-oh Mariella!

Bed testing in the sun (3)

Fairy doesn’t mind sharing.

Testing the new beds (6)

Pillow Fights And All That!!

The guest beds are ready!

Fairy has two very special friends coming to stay for a sleepover tonight. Can you guess who they might be?

She has accepted the task of acting as their chaperone. What a responsibility!

After a tasty supper and a romp round the garden to try and tire out her little guests – it is time to settle them down for a good nights sleep. Some hope!

Hello there! I have two very special guests staying over tonight . . . . I bet you can guess who they are!

Minty and Monty sleepover (63)

Good evening Minty and Monty. It is very nice of you to accept my invitation to ‘sleepover’, and what a good idea to bring your own box-beds.

Minty and Monty sleepover (14)

And hello, Sebastian Bear! I am so pleased to see you!

Minty and Monty sleepover (18)

What’s that, Minty? Oh, you would like a bedtime story? Hum, it looks like you have an excellent choice of books there – Fairy’s Tales. I wrote that a while back. Do remind me to sign your copy for you.

Minty and Monty sleepover (10)

Oh well, here we go . . . .A Tale Of Three Piggies. Once upon a time there were three pigs . . .

Minty and Monty sleepover (32)b

We ARE being good, Mum! We will go to sleep soon.

Minty and Monty sleepover (37)b

Now, where did I put my pyjamas?

Minty and Monty sleepover (48)

C’mon now, time to go to bed and get some shut eye . . . . I’ll just do my fur and whiskers –
Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the Fairy-est of them all?

Minty and Monty sleepover (23)

Give me that pillow Monty! I don’t . . .

Minty and Monty sleepover (42)b

. . . trust you! Ouch!!

Minty and Monty sleepover (45)b

Right! Candles out.

Minty and Monty sleepover (26)

Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz . . . . . .

Minty and Monty sleepover (57)d

Fairy’s Beauty Tips!

Fairy likes to keep herself ‘whiter than white’ and takes her beauty routine very seriously. She enjoys a bath every week or so, has her nails carefully trimmed every 2 weeks, gets weighed regularly, and generally enjoys a healthy lifestyle, with plenty of exercise, fresh salad and vegetables, top quality hay, and daily cuddles!

Here’s Fairy having her bath.

Bathtime for Fairy 1 (3)

She will only use Gorgeous Guineas Shampoo and Conditioner!

Bathtime for Fairy 1 (5)


Bathtime for Fairy 1 (9)


Bathtime for Fairy 1 (12)

More rub-a-dubs!

Bathtime for Fairy 1 (19)


Bathtime for Fairy 1 (21)

And . . . .swoooooofhf!

Bathtime for Fairy 1 (26)

There! Whiter than white!

Bathtime for Fairy 1 (25)

Toe nails now, Fairy.

Fairy gets her tootsie nails trimmed (9)

Some gentle snuggles!

Fairy cuddling with her daddy (7)

And a bedtime story! She is enjoying a chapter from one of her little books.

Fairy cuddling with her daddy (6)

Fairy’s Tales 1, Fairy Goes To The Dentist,

Fairy’s Tales 2, A Day In The Life Of Fairy,

Fairy’s Tales 3, Fairy’s First Christmas

can all be downloaded free by clicking on the links!

Hello! Piggy

Fairy published her very own magazine recently. Hello! Piggy is packed with all the latest celebrity mouse gossip as well as hints and tips, interviews and product tests!

Many of the posts from Fairy’s Blog can be found among its pages as well as plenty of new ‘goings on’.

Enjoy it!

It is available as a free download in PDF file format.

Hello Issue 1 COVER

What A Dish!

Ernie, Fairy’s Dad, visited a few weeks ago. He brought a beautiful gift for Fairy, a Special Salad Plate created by Ernie’s mum and dad especially for Fairy!

Fairy couldn’t wait to test it out.

This is the handsome Ernie.

Ernie visits Fairy! (4)

And Fairy examining her new plate!

Fairy and her special salad plate from Ernie (10)

Here it is, loaded up with fresh salad!

Fairy's special salad plate supper (1)

Is this all for ME?

Fairy's special salad plate supper (4)

Oh! Where did that go then?

Fairy's special salad plate supper (14)


Fairy's special salad plate supper (16)

It was very nice! Thank you!

Fairy's special salad plate supper (15)

Meet The Parents!

The Rt Hon Plantagenet and Primrose Big-Mouse were delighted to be introduced to Araminta’s latest beau Montmorency Mouse, at a recent ‘at home’ held in their tasteful drawing room at the sumptuous and well appointed Plantagenet House, in London.

Primrose looked splendid in her up to the minute fashionable gingham check pinafore dress, toning red knitted booties and polka dot top. Plantagenet sported a hand knitted jersey and gingham check trews.

Plantagenet and Primrose Big-Mouse are well known long noses amongst the capital’s mouserrati. Their own whirlwind romance united two of the city’s oldest and most well respected mouse families.

A new round of frenzied romantic speculations have involved their eldest daughter Araminta, who recently came of age.

It is understood Montmorency may have a ‘big question’ to ask of Plantagenet! Is that the sound of distant wedding bells we hear?

Here’s Fairy to tell you all about it . . . .

We are simply delighted to visit you this afternoon, Primrose and Plantagenet. It is very kind of you to invite me along to accompany Araminta and Montmorency.

Araminta and Montmorency meet the parents with Fairy (7)

Butler! More cakes please! I love these scrumptious cakes, they are divine. Primrose, did you bake them yourself? ‘No, my dear, they were delivered fresh this morning from Harrods,’ replies our elegant hostess.

Araminta and Montmorency meet the parents with Fairy (10)

I like the tasteful décor too, you have some nice things.

Araminta and Montmorency meet the parents with Fairy (25)

Well, this is all very good, but I would like a quiet word with you, Plantagenet.

Araminta and Montmorency meet the parents with Fairy (9)

. . . it’s about Minty’s and Monty’s future . . .

Araminta and Montmorency meet the parents with Fairy (48)c

Oh, time for the official group photograph now!

Araminta and Montmorency meet the parents with Fairy (31)

Thank you so much, Primrose! We have had a such a lovely afternoon. Before we go, would it be ok if we had some more salad sandwiches? I have a little rumble in my tummy!

Araminta and Montmorency meet the parents with Fairy (33)

Hay Fairy!

As we all know, Guinea Pigs eat a lot of hay. Indeed, it should be available at all times so they can graze throughout the day. Fairy has a particular way of enjoying her hay. As well as eating it she likes to burrow into it, enjoying the sensation of the hay tickling her back!

Wooo! Look at this pile of hay!

Fairy eats her way out the hay (2)

It’s almost as big as me.

Fairy eats her way out the hay (1)


Fairy eats her way out the hay (3)


Fairy eats her way out the hay (4)

Hum, very tasty . . . . nom, nom . . .

Fairy eats her way out the hay (5)

Can I have some more please!

Fairy eats her way out the hay (7)

It’s so tickly!

Fairy eats her way out the hay (10)


Fairy eats her way out the hay (8)

Disaster On The High Seas Averted!

Araminta, Montmorency Mouse, Fairy, with Mr Bear at the helm, kept as cool as cucumbers as their treasure was swept overboard by a giant wave.

It’s a lovely day for a boat trip, you are very kind to invite us, Mr Bear. This is the first time Araminta and Montmorency have been on a boat. I’ve brought a little snack along, I have to think about my tummy.

On the river (5)

The Fairy Ferry’, below, at the recent boat naming ceremony and all round extravaganza.

The Fairy Ferry (18)

Hum . . . . that sky looks a bit dark, I hope we’re not in for a storm . . .

On the river (4)

Grab Minty, Montmorency, it’s getting a bit rough. Can you hold her, Mr Bear?

On the river (32)

Oh weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, I don’t like it much.

On the river (11)

Oh no! There goes my cucumber . . . . oh dear . . .

On the river (21)

Crikey, it’s gone under . . . we’ll never save it now!

On the river (19)

‘Don’t worry, Fairy, I have it!!’, squeaks Monty!

On the river (22)

You are such brave mouse, Montmorency, thank you nom, nom, so much.

On the river (29)

Land ahoy!

On the river (36)

Montmorency, I am sure Minty will agree with me – you are a hero!
But if you’ll excuse me – I’m off! It was very nice Mr Bear but I think I prefer land . . . and the grass under my paws !

On the river (39)

Fairy Hits The Headlines!

The Front Page speaks for itself!

Full report to follow soon.

Piggy News Wheekly 1 220210

Tribute To Matilda

We lost our dear Matilda earlier this year. Anyone who has lost a much loved pet will know the sadness and emotions you feel. It is very hard and you cry and want them back, and you try to be happy for their lovely life they had with you.

A lovely friend’s husband painted this beautiful picture of Matilda for us. This kind gesture has meant so much. We will never ever forget our beautiful girl, Matilda.

Matilda's painting (2)

Marigold was very sad to loose her special friend.

Matilda's painting (7)

The gang remember Matilda.