Fairy On Manoeuvres!

Fairy is very good at posing for the camera. She is a consummate professional  – keeping still, applying just the right expression to suit the scene, she could not be more cooperative. She seems to know exactly what is expected of her and provides it willingly! Seeing her posing for the camera and taking into account she is blind and deaf, you may wonder how Fairy copes ‘on manoeuvres’! Well she has a remarkable ability to memorise where objects and obstacles are. She methodically explores an area until she is happy, and if the mood takes her, builds up her pace until she is zooming around at high speed, expertly leaning round the corners, accelerating on the straights and pulling the odd wheelie!

Here’s a short film of Fairy in action.

Fairy Bee DVD

Some countries do not allow the video with the accompanying music. You can view it without, but it isn’t quite the same.

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  1. Well done Fairy! What a zippy little gorgeous girl you are!

  2. I am able to hear the music here in Canada. Its a wonderful video. Then I stayed and watched her other video and the weasle video. Maybe you would consider submitting the weasle vid to Cute Overload?

    Hello Princess Fairy; you are quite the athelete. Careful, don’t go off the rug! Ah but she doesn’t, she is far too clever for that. Daddy’s hands form a corral? No worries, she just leaps over.

    Quite incredible to believe she is blind and deaf when she moves like that. What a girl our tiny little Fairy!

  3. Welcome to Fairy’s Blog, Victoria!

    Thanks! I am so pleased you enjoyed seeing Fairy in action!

    Fairy’s showjumping video is linked to a post here on her Blog – Fairy Wins! http://www.fairymagic.me/?p=280

    I will send the weasel vid to CO, ffleur! Willy was so sweet – he has gone to find a wife now!

    All of Fairy’s little films and other free downloads can be accessed via ‘Fairy: Free!’ on the toolbar just under the blog header.

  4. hello hello !
    beautiful fairy and friends – i send you best wishes from germany.
    in enjoy your sites here, all the beautiful photos and little stories of your life.
    its great here …..
    see you soon …. all the best !

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