Christmas Comes But Twice A Year!

Christmas was a very special time for Fairy. Not only was it her first Christmas ever, it was also a time of giving of gifts and receiving surprise presents in return! The highlight of her day was Christmas Dinner. Mr Bear joined Fairy for a not quite traditional meal.

Oh yummy! Look at my Christmas Salad, Mr Bear! It looks lovely. Those cakes are probably quite tasty too, are you going to try one?

Lunch for Fairy and Mr Bear Xmas Day Best

This leafy stuff is my favourite! Nom, nom, nom . . .

Lunch for Fairy and Mr Bear Xmas Day Best (1)

Nom! Oh! Where DID it all go? Can we get seconds do you know?

Lunch for Fairy and Mr Bear Xmas Day Best (2)

Please Note: Although she ate quite a lot, Fairy did not eat ALL the salad on her plate. Guinea Pigs should be fed a balanced diet including fresh food, hay and pellets.

Bears should not be fed knitted cakes.

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  1. I love the comment about bears not allowed knitted cakes : )

  2. this is so funny!

  3. Of course Mr Bear can’t eat those knitted cakes, he is already stuffed! *rim shot*

    Can Fairy eat the salad leaves without them being julliened? I know you’ve said before that she needs bite-sized pieces due to her teeth issues.

    Actually, her salad looks very much what I ate for lunch. I buy “mixed baby greens” in bulk. Its a combination of different leaves but in their tender, baby state.

    I love your dotted dishware. Would you mind telling me the brand?

  4. Haha! Very funny, ffleur!

    Fairy can cope with dainty leaves but anything sturdy, such as Pak Choi, has to be sliced. I love the mixed leaves as much as Fairy 🙂

    The spotty pots are Emma Bridgewater. We love them and even have spots painted on one wall in the kitchen!

    I thought you would like that, Bugs Mom!

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