Push Ups!

Although, like most guinea pigs, Fairy’s favourite pastime is eating she is also very aware of the importance of exercise. And what could be better than combining the two!

Fairy’s little hay tin contains some chopped ‘special blend’ hay. Each ‘Push Up’ results in a small treat! The perfect combination!

Fairy and her hay tin (2)

What a great game!

Fairy and her hay tin (9)

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  1. I like Fairy’s push-ups 🙂 I must try some myself.

  2. In the first picture, where Fairy is stretched out, one can see how very sleek and slim she is. Then she sits down and becomes a chubby nubbin again!

  3. I think if Fairy’s Push Ups make you all sleek and slim, we should ALL try them 🙂 Just as long as we don’t become ‘chubby nubbins’ when we sit down!!!

    Thanks for your comments!

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