Spring Is In The Fur!

Like most guineas Fairy likes to feel the warm sun on her fur!

Bed testing in the sun (11)

Front AND back!

Bed testing in the sun (10)

Itโ€™s lovely!

Bed testing in the sun (9)

It is nice to sit out with your friends too.

Sunny Seat (3)

Even if you canโ€™t go out, it is good to know the sun is shining!

Sunny Fairy 090210 (4)

It warms your whiskers . . .

Sunny Fairy 090210 (2)

. . . and makes you feel . . . sleepy . . . zzzzz

Sunny Fairy 090210 (7)

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  1. I missed Fairy on cute oveload??? She deserves to be on there mind you. she is the cutes little piggy I have ever seen. Luv the new pics, that one with her little nose up in the air is my favourite. mine like the sun too, and the spring grass.

  2. I LOVE Fairy :))) The pic with her nose in the air is gorgeous. She reminds me of her mum like that! ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. Hello furzone, I think Fairy was on CO a while back, in her cosy cuddle cup along with her sisters, Marigold and Matilda.

    Hehe! Springer ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanks for joining Fairy’s Blog, both of oyu!

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