Mouse house – the search is on!

Now that Minty and Monty are engaged they are eagerly looking for a mouse house to start their married life in. Fairy has located a helpful Estate Agent to show them some suitable – or should that be UNsuitable – homes!

Hello! It looks as though there are plenty of homes for sale!

1 First viewings (9)b

I don’t think Minty and Monty want to live in a TENT, Pandora!

Oh, it’s a TEEPEE! Why didn’t you say? Anyway, it isn’t suitable.

2 Teepee (1)

A BOX! No, this isn’t any good at all.

Mouse house moves box (4)

Nice tin, and I fit in it quite nicely. There isn’t much room for a bed though!

Biscuit tin house (8)

Yes, I suppose they could build their own, but it would take ages.

Nesters self build (6)

Now this is lovely, you get a good view up here!

Thatched cottage (12)

This is jolly good too – not enough room for when I stay over though.

Hamper Homes (15)

What do you reckon? I’m not keen!

Tailor made homes (35)

I am not thrilled about this one either!

Pantry Home (15)

Nice for Spring!

Egg Homes (10)

This is quite good, the roof isn’t going to be much use though.

Drawer-ing Rooms (19)

Say no more . . . .

Right hole (1)

What the . . . . . NO! You can not move in with ME!

Fairy's house invasion (10)

Now then, what’s this?

Dun Moving (82)

What’s it like inside?

Dun Moving (65)

Very cosy! I like the doorbell too.

Dun Moving (58)

Great view!

Dun Moving (57)

SOLD!! We’ll take it!

Dun Moving (23)

It’s a lovely little home and once we’ve ‘built on’ it will be perfect for us!

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  1. Ahh.. Such a great story!… The Mouse House is fab.. Did the mice pay cash or get a mortgage? Haha… Love the little bell too! xx 🙂

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