Disaster On The High Seas Averted!

Araminta, Montmorency Mouse, Fairy, with Mr Bear at the helm, kept as cool as cucumbers as their treasure was swept overboard by a giant wave.

It’s a lovely day for a boat trip, you are very kind to invite us, Mr Bear. This is the first time Araminta and Montmorency have been on a boat. I’ve brought a little snack along, I have to think about my tummy.

On the river (5)

The Fairy Ferry’, below, at the recent boat naming ceremony and all round extravaganza.

The Fairy Ferry (18)

Hum . . . . that sky looks a bit dark, I hope we’re not in for a storm . . .

On the river (4)

Grab Minty, Montmorency, it’s getting a bit rough. Can you hold her, Mr Bear?

On the river (32)

Oh weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, I don’t like it much.

On the river (11)

Oh no! There goes my cucumber . . . . oh dear . . .

On the river (21)

Crikey, it’s gone under . . . we’ll never save it now!

On the river (19)

‘Don’t worry, Fairy, I have it!!’, squeaks Monty!

On the river (22)

You are such brave mouse, Montmorency, thank you nom, nom, so much.

On the river (29)

Land ahoy!

On the river (36)

Montmorency, I am sure Minty will agree with me – you are a hero!
But if you’ll excuse me – I’m off! It was very nice Mr Bear but I think I prefer land . . . and the grass under my paws !

On the river (39)

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  1. I missed this before, it is the best story so far. really funny !

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