Celebration Dinner!

Pigidges, in London’s Hayfur, was the venue chosen by Plantagenet and Primrose Big-Mouse for a recent sumptuous dinner to celebrate the engagement of their daughter Araminta to Montmorency Mouse.

Family engagement dinner party (12)

Celebrated Chef Mark De’Salad, along with Sous-chef Loader Von Trap, created a special Commemorative Menu for the honoured guests.

Perusing the very posh a la carte menu, Fairy assists Minty and Monty to make the choicest of selections. Plantagenet and Primrose are thrilled to see their favourite dish is back on the menu – Cheese En Trap. This scrumptious dish consists of very mature cheddar cheese cut into intricate shapes, enveloped between 3 day old slices of posh bread and then toasted under a fiery hot grill. Served garnished with tasteful and succulent seasonal salads, such as Stuffed Cucumber, Lettuce Loaf and Plaited Grass. This is a dish certain to attract the most discerning mouse!

Family engagement dinner party (16)

For afters there was a choice of the huge cheese board or the mouth-watering specially created puddings which included Pigs in Blankets, Spotted Piglet, Jam Rolly Polly Piggy, Piglime Pie and Coconut Cavy Crunch.

‘Simply delish!’ squeed Araminta.

‘Fine and burp, sorry, dandy,’ pronounced Monty.‘It was ambrosial,’ sighed Fairy, in between very large mouthful’s of salad. ‘It was so good. My tummy feels almost satisfied! Maybe I could just manage another portion or six of Pump-pig Pie, please.’

Family engagement dinner party (43)

As the evening drew to a close, Fairy had a quiet word with The Parents before inviting herself to make a long and witty speech. ‘My Lords, Ladies, hic, Mice, Men, Montmorency and Araminta, honoured burp, piggies. Accustomed as I am to . . . . Oh, err, just a minute. Did someone say there was some of that lovely Lettuce Loaf leftover? ’scuse me, I’ll be back in a mo,’ Fairy announced as she made her brief address to the Top Table.

Family engagement dinner party (39)

She returned to finish her speech much later. Judging by her slurred words and rather florid pink ears it is rumoured she may have over indulged somewhat in the Chicory Punch department!

Family engagement dinner party (9)

The evening closed with a fine rendition of ‘For She’s A Jolly Good Piggy’, lots of very raucous cheering and much quaffing of Tomato Juice.

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